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Posts published in March 2019

Reiki as a Healing Technique for Beginners

how to do reikiReiki is the Japanese healing method created as you need to be focusing on the positive rather than the negative. You cannot relax with worries on your mind. So let go of those polluted thoughts and allow healing to restore your body. Grateful gratitude is one of the most pure as it allows us to become aware of all the positive and great things we have in our lives which is the recipe for happiness.  Honesty makes sure that your actions are good and your work is always focused on improving the world and the life of others and that you’re not doing anything that can hurt.  All the people must be dreikiiven by pure intentions and live a life of honor and integrity. You will be kind to every living creature.  Show respect and kindness towards everyone whether it be your family, stranger animals and nature.  Show that you value that living being and see how important and beautiful it is.  Let your heart be open and spread love. 

These are the five principles of Reiki to help you live a positive and loving a life and allowing the universal energy of ki to heal you and flow through you. There are four important symbols used in Reiki the power symbol, the mental and emotional symbol, the distance healing symbol and the master symbol. The power symbol known as the chakra raid which means to place the universal power within itself. Here this symbol is used for requesting more power and energy from the universe and can also be used to ask for protection and safety. The emotional symbol symbolizes the uniting of God and human as they become one. This symbol is used for recreating balance and harmony inside you and others or in your environment. The distance healing symbol means may the Buddha and I connect with the Buddha in you .This simple issues to heal on a distance if you are unable to be with the person you wish to heal. This symbol can also be used to heal a situation and time .These symbols are only used by Reiki masters to attune others for the universal key energy. These symbols are visually drawn above the object for which you wish to influence whether it be yourself, another person or an object.  So if you want to learn how to use Reiki, here all the levels you need to work on level.  One Reiki attunement is the process where person gets more in tune with the Reiki energy and it helps them flow freely inside them. There are three levels of Reiki attunement the first level opens your chakras and allow you to connect with the universal energy, on the second level you will learn how to create mental stability and balance and the third level is the master level where you will be able to teach Reiki. Normally you will need a Reiki Master to perform the achievement but many believe that it is possible to achieve yourself as well. 

reiki therapy

A Reiki attunement can create solid strong emotions and you may be able to feel the vibration of energy before you begin the achievement.. Sit on a chair with your feet placed flat on the ground and your legs and arms on crossed to be open to the energy.  Take a couple of deep breaths to settle your body and calm your mind and then do a 30-minute meditation exercise to allow yourself to completely relax and clear your mind you can put on some soothing meditation music or calm nature sounds to help you get another relaxed state and release tension from your body. Attunement by Reiki Master can be done when you have a Reiki Master Church in you, he will place himself behind you and you will both do the Namaste pose for respect and pray to the universe to allow your heart to be open and your soul to be pure, you will pray for Reiki to come into your body and be humble and grateful, pray that anger and hatred will leave your body and replace it with unconditional love and compassion. You can ask angels to assist you if you please make the prayer meaningful to you, then the master will start by placing his hand on top of your head to open your crown chakra and raise your vibration so that you are ready to receive Reiki. reiki energy-healingThe Reiki Master will then draw the master symbol above your head followed by the three major symbols.  Each symbol will be pressed down into your crown chakra allowing it to be open to the energy flow. The reiki master will then place himself in front of you drawing the same three symbols into your heart chakra allowing you hard to be open and ready to receive loving energy.  Now the master draws the symbol into the palm of your hands to activate your hand chakra and allow them to be open and be a channel for healing now. There can be some variations to how the achievement is performed but as a receiver your role is to be open to the energy and let the reiki master at your new self achievement .There is not one way to perform self achievement and you can adjust the exercise to what works best for you. Basically we want to open our chakras so that way that negative energies can flow freely with no restraints. So sit calmly and do the Namaste pose where you will be asked to be humble and fill your heart with love and kindness and release negative thoughts and worries.what is chakraNow just above your head mentally draw the Jacarei symbol into the air and then press it down imagine the Reiki energy travel through your entire chakra system opening and activating your chakras from your purple crown chakra to your indigo third eye chakra, to your Bloom throat chakra and your green heart chakra, to your yellow solar plexus chakra down into your orange sacral chakra and into your red root chakra.  Do it slowly and feel each chakra respond to the energy of the symbol telling the universe to direct the energy to that location. Repeat this three times and now draw the Jacarei symbol and each chakra individually and present symbol to open the chakra .So draw the symbol at the crown chakra and then press it in take a moment to feel the effect of the energy. Then draw the symbol outside the third eye chakra and then press it in continue through the entire chakra system feel your chakras awakening and allow the energy to flow through you .Then place your hands on your knees palms facing upwards and mentally imprint the chopper symbol into your poems. Take a short moment to feel it sink in and know that your hand chakra is now open and ready to channel the energy. Now visualize the flow of energy going from the top of your head and into the palm of your hands, traveling freely and easily allow yourself to be open to love positive energy and let that love travel through your body and heal the people you touch. Take your time and enjoy the process. The second level follows healing yourself after you have been attuned to the Reiki. It will require little or no effort to channel energy as you will be an open vessel for spiritual energy which will travel through you.  Whenever you touch someone making you a conduit for love and healing you want to intend to heal which means you allow it to use you as a channel to send healing to the object you touch .So now you want to do your first self healing session which you will have to practice for a couple of weeks before moving on.reiki treatmentAs you want to practice the art of healing and get comfortable with the process. First you need to surrender to the power of Reiki and allow the life energy to guide you and show you the way. Trust that the energy knows where to go and what to do and simply surrender to it and let go of your egos need to be in control. You want to respectfully ask Reiki to flow through you as you do your healing. Position your hands in the Namaste position in front of your heart chakra the chakra of love and healing and gently say out loud or in your head be with me Reiki and travel freely through me guide me, as I am a channel for your healing energy, I will not be angry, I will not worry, I will be grateful, I will do my work honestly, I will be kind to every living creature. You can also raise your hands with your palms facing the sky and then visualize love and positive energy entering your body from your palms. Activating your hand chakra and preparing you for the healing chakras now for the healing pod .You first need to know the basis of the main chakra system and what physical body parts and each chakra is connected to as you will use that knowledge for your healing.reiki treatmentThe root chakra is the center for stability and balance and is connected to your lower organs such as the large intestines feet and legs. The sacral chakra is the location of your sexuality and creativity and is connected to your reproductive organs bladder and kidneys .The solar plexus is the location of your full power and life energy and is connected to your spleen gallbladder, pancreas, stomach, liver and small intestines.  The heart chakra is the location of unconditional love and it is connected to the heart and circulatory system lungs and your arms and hands. The throat chakra is the center of speech and the ability to speed up this chakra is connected to the throat upper part of the respiratory system and the jaw area. The third eye is the window to the spiritual world and it is connected to the face including the physical eyes forehead and sleep related problems. The crown chakra is your connection to the divine and the chakra is connected to the brain nervous system and cognitive abilities. Your chakras are energy fields that expand into your body. If you have problems in some of the chakras or the physical body path the chakra is connected to the energy in your aura will be weaker as your health is not intact healing so when you are ready for your self-healing session put on some calm background healing music if that helps you relax and then either sit on a chair with your feet place flat on the ground or lie down with your back straight. Remove jewelries and wear comfortable clothes. Do a 10 minute meditation exercise to calm your mind and body before you begin you’re going to heal your entire body step by step starting from the top and moving your way down to your feet . Make sure you keep your fingers together to make the energy flow more focused stay with each position for about two minutes to allow a key to heal the area. Position your hands gently on your clothes, eyes your hand will point upwards and the poem will be placed on the eyes with your fingers on your forehead to heal your third eye chakra and issues related to this chakra allow the energy to travel out the palm of your hands and heal yourself with the powerful universal energy precision to place your hands on the side of your head. Just in front of your ears or let your hands cover your ears precision free place your hands on the top of your head at the crown chakra this will heal brain related problems and give mental clarity precision.  Move your hands to the back of your head this will heal old emotional wounds of the past precision. Place your hands on your throat to heal the throat chakra position. Place your hands on your shoulders healing tension and negativity position .Place your hands on your collarbone healing your lungs and respiratory system position. Place your hands on your heart to allow you to be open to love and heal heart-related problems precision.Meditation BenefitsPlace your hands on the solar plexus healing organs in your upper abdominal area and strengthening your will power position. Place your hands at the navel at the sacral chakra and heal issues related to your reproductive organs and sexuality position. Place your hands at the lower part of your body at the root chakra creating stability and balance in your body position. Place your hands on your knees healing your legs and any problems you may have in this area position. Place your hands on your feet grounding yourself and centering your body position. Place your hands on your lower back healing your kidneys position and lastly place your hands at the tailbone for complete body healing after the healing you can sit quietly for as long as you need taking in the healing and allowing yourself to relax. Healing others once you have mastered self healing, feel comfortable doing that it is time to practice on someone else. Find someone who wants to participate first you need to make sure that both you and the other person is relaxed and ready to receive Reiki to spend about 10 minutes to meditate with the person you want to heal before you begin your session . Let the person lie down with a straight posture, feet uncrossed and arms resting on the side placing you at the top of the person’s head.  There will be no talking while doing the healing to allow both of you to be completely relaxed and focused. Ask Reiki to flow through you as you do your healing just like with the self healing position your hands in the Namaste hand mudra in front of your heart and say out loud and travel freely through me.  Guide me as I am a channel for your healing energy and then declare the five principles of Reiki that will not be angry, you will not worry, you will be grateful, you will work honestly and being kind to everyone .If you wish you can also raise your hands with your palms facing upward visualizing energy flowing through your palms and into your body to initiate the flow of Reiki.

unconditional love and compassion

Now you can begin your healing position one place your hands in the person’s eyes or however them as the eyes are very sensitive and the person needs to be comfortable.  You can’t do it to the energy and let the energy take charge showing you position to place your hands on the side of the person’s head , position your hands on the top of the person’s head at the crown chakra position ,  place your hands on the back of the head position , place your hands on the throat to heal the throat chakra position , place your hands on the shoulders and the collarbones healing tension precision ,  place your hands on the heart chakra position ,  place your hands in the solar plexus chakra healing the organs in the upper part of the body position line.  Place your hands on the navel at the sacral chakra position .Place your hands on the lowest part of the body at the root chakra position. Place your hands on the knees position and then place your hands on the feet grounding the person now ask the person to turn over so that you can heal the back position. Place your hands on the upper part of the back position and moving down to the middle part of the back healing any back problems the person may have position. Place your hands on the lower back healing the kidneys position and lastly place your hands on the tailbone .Get the person stay in a relaxed state, wash long as he or she needs level for scanning once you have been practice Reiki healing for a while. You will be more sensitive to the subtle energies and you will learn how to listen to your intuition and feel the energy and let the Reiki guide you in the healing process so see if you can feel the aura after person. You’re going to heal, let one hand hover over the person and scan them for any uneven spots in the hour to detect weak and unbalanced chakras.

What is Reiki?

what is reikiReiki a methodology commonly practiced for energy healing.  Having its deep roots from Japanese medium it means universal life energy. From its existence right from early nineties, it is still done for healing the targets through energy been transferred from one person to other.  As said by some common healing experts of Reiki, they felt a response to the practitioners hands it’s a warm sensation it’s a tingling sensation it’s very comfortable it feels very safe. According to the Experts the energy blocks within the corners of the body which gives birth to chronic illness and aches in the body.

Mikao Usui was the first person to start practicing Reiki Healing Technique.  Reiki from the energy healing communicates with the nervous system through our nerves, from where the messages are transmitted to the brain.  Reiki is an efficient and sound way to heal the body. Reiki can be termed as a spiritual healing practice which is performed by the trainers and practitioners on other person, but it have the edge where it can be self healed as well. Reiki can be performed on any age category people for healing from stress  whereas it has no evidence of being causing any harm to the health .Reiki doesn’t need any special or specific location or area or any crucial or important training to perform the same. But it essentially requires some specific fixed hours for in-person training from a Reiki expert trainer. 

reiki energy-healingReiki is something which yields very fruitful outcomes when performed in an undisturbed environment.  Reiki cultivates none other than a good practitioner who can guide up the best for you. It can be executed to the person who is far miles away from the healing expert. Reiki thrives to adjunct relaxation and manifests the body physically, mentally and spiritually.  Reiki promotes the atmosphere where every person can corresponds to each other and involve the ambient of congruity.. A nearly culturally universal belief with Reiki self healing techniques you can practice the techniques on your own body to relieve a number  of issues including pain relief, stress and anxiety and a number of chronic health conditions . Reiki prospers and assures the diminishing of the thoughts of helplessness, ignorance and uncontrollable gestures.

Guided Meditation: Voyage to Happiness and Calmness.

The Guided meditation begins with the process of self inquiry to get curious about what we are really feeling.  Be okay with life as it is and then nurture and open our hearts with kindness. This process will help you to find peace from within. Beginning with making yourself comfortable with your arms and legs uncrossed. Make sure to turn off all possible distractions and set this time aside for you in a moment. The guidance flows through a body scan.  To begin the process of relaxation, you can release tension and negativity by letting go completely.  You can turn your attention inward and now allow your eyes to close gently and bring your focus to your breath without changing your breath.

Guided MeditationSimply notice how it flows in through your nose. Feel the cool air as it passes into your nostrils and fills you up.  Encourage each natural out-breath to release any tension that you may be feeling. Continue to observe your breath and allow it to deepen naturally and slow down. We will practice connecting to what is true for you in your heart. You will cultivate loving energy for yourself to nurture what is true for you and to find peace.  Give yourself permission to be fully supported by the earth to connect to the collective energy of the universe and to be open to possibilities of what comes with the state of comfort and relaxation and now slowly begin to scan your body as said that each part of your body encourages and releases a complete relaxation to find ease in your body.  Allow the surface below you to support you fully begin this body scan at your feet and simply relax. 

Move your attention up from your feet and begin to release your lower legs and knees. Feel how each part of your body becomes heavy and connected to the energy around you as you allow it to let go and now find a sense of ease and your thighs and hips as you let go completely. Move up and take a deep breath to help release any tightness in your lower back. Continue this process of increasing your comfort and connection to the collective energy of the universe around you and welcome a feeling of softening into your abdomen let your chest and arms rest heavy on the surface below you feel as your neck and throat release any physical and emotional tension that you may be holding on to.  Allow your jaw to unclench and feel as the small muscles of your cheeks and forehead soften and smooth and as the small muscles in your face and jaw. Let go the rest of your body follows and softens as well now your whole body is heavy on the earth and allowing your breath to return to its natural rhythm and flow.  You will find that you are fully relaxed. You know you are safe and supported and you are open to guiding yourself into a calm state of mind.  Now that you are fully relaxed you can begin this inquiry process by checking in with what is true for you, what you are actually feeling without judgment and without trying to change anything.  yoga-meditationMake space for the truth to surface in whatever form it comes.  Simply allow it to surface. Consider the situation or feeling that has overwhelmed or stuck impact on you. Recognize what you are feeling and accept in the present moment.  Know that the state of overwhelm is simply an obstacle on your path and it is part of your journey because this may be a negative or challenging emotion.  Let down your guard and your armor to this emotion makes space for awareness and acceptance without judgment. We often have the unconscious impulse to push away suppress or ignore difficult emotions which simply brings about more suffering.  Some might busy themselves to prove their worth or neglect what is really going on while some may have a fear of failure and overwhelm that may paralyze them. Some may feel anxious or restless based on all that there is to do.  Whatever you’re feeling is okay. woman-with-yoga-postureThese are simple patterns that have been developed. They are not you recognize but the self-talk going on in your mind recognize the potential that you may have unmet or unrecognized expectations from yourself or others that may be playing a role in the judgments of yourself or possibly you’re experiencing negative self-talk begin to move out of the thinking patterns and bring your attention to your felt experience.  No need to attach words or labels to your feelings.  Simply explore what those feelings are pause and allow these feelings.  Sometimes we may be judgmental when a negative feeling surface acknowledged the feeling and allow it to be what it is without judgment or sometimes we may push the feeling down and focus on something else in this situation.

Being present is the way stay in the moment stay with the feeling and be okay with it continue to make space in your heart for these feelings to come up and simply be we may want to resist the discomfort of a negative feeling and remove ourselves from the present moment do your best to stay present and mindful in a time when difficult emotions come up practicing a moment of pause after recognizing a feeling or behavior gives you the opportunity to make another choice a different choice than you are used to making creating space during this moment of pause allows you to stop the negative habit or behavior before it continues.  It allows you to respond skillfully rather than reacting by simply allowing the difficult emotion to be. What if you are able to bring your awareness to the present moment experience and you may notice almost immediately?  A sense of softening and ease around the emotion simply by allowing it to be with honesty and acceptance comes the ability to move forward and to grow once you have recognized the emotion and allowed it to be what it is.  Get curious about what you are feeling and what is behind the feeling explore your own truth breathe deeply to allow space for your truth to surface. yoga-girlNow is the time for some deep self inquiry.  Start to ask yourself some questions about what you are experiencing? What is underneath the feelings you are experiencing?  How you are feeling? The answers may not come immediately and that is okay continued to allow the emotions to surface in these next few moments. Make space for the truth and acceptance of what answers will come in time. Begin to let go of judgments.  Let go of self-limiting beliefs. Let go of.  Let go of fear. Let go of any negativity. You may be holding on to this negativity doesn’t have to be named specifically, just let it go,  let the energy of negativity go,  let go of any past negativities and replace them with positive thoughts and gratitude.  Take a moment to release all that is holding you back,  all that you have pushed down , any anger and resentment any fears and any negativity.  As you bring the feelings and emotions to the surface, do so with a sense of unconditional love for yourself. See what is really going on for you and proceed with care and compassion. Continue to come back to the felt experience and move out of the thinking patterns and then take some time to nurture yourself.  Place your hand on your heart if you like and offer love and kindness to yourself open your heart and let it in offer positive energy to the area of your heart.  Ask yourself what it is if you need in this moment to care for yourself, to nurture and support. You ask this of yourself often and listen really listen to what it is that you need to calm the sense of overwhelm to get unstuck to find peace within and now bring your attention back to your physical body and deepen your breath once more . You are now beginning your journey back to the present moment and as you do you will continue to nurture yourself with care and compassion. You will find inner peace, begin to reactivate each part of your body from its relaxed State, feel the rush of energy back into your body like a warm wave coming over you by awakening your body slowly and when you are ready open your eyes.  You are fully back in this present moment feeling awake and energized.

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Sleep Meditation Techniques

sleep meditation techniquesMinutes for meditation are for sleep and uneasiness that leads to insomnia.  Although the meditation doesn’t have to be a long trail but since it is somehow connected to the sleep deprivation, so that’s why this meditation technique is best to abandon the same.  You don’t have to sit in any special position in fact I would prefer that you are lying down if your intention is to sleep afterward.  however if you’re just looking to relax you can do this meditation absolutely anywhere .if you are seated just make sure that you’re completely comfortable there’s no room for discomfort during this meditation so if you’re ready to get started let’s begin . Place yourself in your comfortable seat or reclined position close your eyes to remove all visual distractions.sleep meditation techniquesBegin to focus on your inhales and exhales as they are in this moment.  for those of you who have trouble falling asleep because your thoughts are racing and your minds are full of things to do and worries about tomorrow ,begin by just focusing on your inhales and exhales by repeating silently inhale with every inhale and exhale on to every exhale.  Feel the inhale enter through your nostrils pass down the back of your throat into your chest your belly resting comfortably in your seat and then traveling all the way back up again collapsing your belly your chest feeling. it warm through your throat and then passing out of your nostrils where your mouth continue to follow that loop of inhales and exhales chasing no worry on whether or not they’re long or short deep or shallow . Whatever your breath is doing is in service to your relaxation in this moment now, I would like you to think of a color a soft color that is pleasing to you maybe its color that reminds you of a special place or a time when you were very happy.  Now imagine that color as a swirling ball of ribbon above your head.sleep meditation techniquesThe tendrils are flowing everywhere. Imagine them getting bigger and bigger and the ball is absorbing you. The colored ribbons are flowing all around you wrapping you and comfort. you feel as though you’re floating too your whole body is bathed in these colorful ribbons stroking you gently , you feel them passing over your skin with each touch you become more deeply relaxed . If thoughts or noises start to creep in simply acknowledge them and allow them to float away.  you are at ease, you are peaceful and you feel completely relaxed your ball of colorful ribbons is surrounding you and protecting you from all worry all tension and all negative thoughts as you inhale and exhale your body sinks even deeper into the surface that you’re lying on your muscles are completely relaxed there’s no tension anywhere in your body and if a bit of tension creeps up just breathe in and allow it to release on your exhale.  Sleep is growing. You’re ready to move into your deepest state of relaxation the deepest form of meditation. You will sleep soundly your dreams will be pleasant and you will wake up refreshed after a long rest.  The ball of swirling ribbons is still completely surrounding you, protecting you, comforting you but it’s moving more slowly.  It’s starting to settle it’s becoming a blanket of protection it feels heavy and warm on your body. All of your muscles are relaxed. Continue to follow your breaths and imagine yourself covered completely in this beautiful blanket of colorful ribbons.

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Meditation and its Basketful Benefits

You ever feel stressed, overworked, anxious, depressed and angry or maybe you constantly obsess over things have happened or might not ever happen. Well then you should meditate.  Meditation has become ever so popular over the past few years probably because more and more people are experiencing its benefits. Meditation is a way of training your mind to focus on the now.  In most cases just by bringing awareness to your breath can bring you into the moment. Many benefits of incorporating a meditation practice into your daily life.  Reducing stress is one of the most obvious reasons to why people try.

Meditation basketful Benefits Meditation in the first place, as humans we are living very unnatural lives. We have jobs that take a lot of our energy and time.  We spend most of the time indoors and not outside in nature locally were born to do then we have stress about having too much to do or stress about not having energy for stuff we really want to do. Stress can cause increased levels of the hormone cortisol which can promote anxiety and depression contributes to fatigue and high blood pressure. Good thing that there is something that can help you guess right its meditation. Meditation task you would juice gray matter in the brain associated with stress like mentioned earlier.  Stress can be a contributing factor to depression so it makes sense is something that the creases. Stress can also lead to decreased depression studies have found that regular meditation practices can lead to less of the hormone cortisol being produced in the body and in turn helped improve depression.Meditation basketful Benefits Another interesting finding is that when comparing electrical activity in the brains of people who did and did not meditate.  Those who meditated showed it an increased activity in areas of the brain that are related to optimism and positive thinking. There are so many people today struggling with poor sleep. I’m sure you at some point have lied awake at night thinking too much of our stuff that shouldn’t matter. In several studies participants practicing meditation were able to fall asleep faster as well as staying asleep longer compared to the control group that didn’t meditate meditation can help you control the constant racing thoughts that often prevent you from falling asleep . In the first place it also helps your body enter a relaxed state which makes it easier to fall asleep and improves sleep quality.  Meditation when practiced regularly can improve your quality of life and boost happiness by increasing your psychological functioning. Meditation teaches you to be present in the moment and not start worrying about things that may not even happen. You will learn to just accept what is right now and you will be a much happier person for it.  Meditation surprisingly can also improve your immunity making you more resistant to viruses and infections.  When stress levels are down and your body actually has time and energy to heal itself, it makes it more efficient in protecting us from illness and disease as well as increasing our immunity.Meditation basketful Benefits Meditation can also help lower blood pressure. When your body is in a state of relaxation caused by meditation the cells in your body will work together in order to produce more compound called nitric oxide, this molecule is one of the most important for blood vessel health  by causing blood vessels to ward and upon subsequently making the blood pressure drop.  Many people who have struggle with high blood pressure have been able to come off their medication after introducing regular meditation practices into their lives and because a lowers blood pressure it can also reduce the chance of heart attacks and strokes . Some forms of meditation may actually help you in developing more kinds of forts and fillings of yourself.  I’m sure we have all been guilty of bringing ourselves down making you think you aren’t good enough as you are constantly having bad thoughts by yourself, this can play a lot on your self-confidence but as you become more and more aware of your thoughts when you regularly practice a meditation you will then start to notice these destructive thought patterns with this awareness.You can start to steer away from these nasty thoughts and start to implement more constructive patterns. Not only will this benefit you but also the people closest to you as well for example there was a study from Harvard that found that meditation led to an increase of gray matter in the past the brain that is associated with self-awareness compassion so not only can meditation lead to less overall stress better sleep increased happiness levels boost your immune system and decreased your chance of several health problems. It can also help you be a better more compassionate person who is kinder to yourself as well as others bottom line is you can meditate anywhere and best of all anyone can fit it into their schedule you don’t need any special equipment either if you feel like you don’t have time even just setting your alarm five minutes earlier to meditate you’ll be so beneficial to you and your health  . Do yourself a favor and start your daily practice of meditation and you will start experiencing these amazing benefits.

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Meditation Benefits : – Meditation to pump up the mood

Meditation to pump up the moodOne of the best things meditation does for you is it changes your mood and gives you pleasant feeling and refreshes body completely. Meditation also boosts GABA gamma-amino butyric acid it is one of the major inhibitory neurotransmitters in our central nervous system best known for making us feel calm. Cortisol a major age accelerating hormone is the one chemical where less is better cramming for a test trying to get more done and you have time to do. Stress is a feeling we all experience when we are challenged or overwhelmed, when we are stressed our bodies produce cortisol and adrenaline in abundance.

A study shows that meditators had a nearly 50% reduction in cortisol levels and lastly for developing brains. Meditation proves to be more promising and effortless and efficient way for any category despite of age. They found that short meditation breaks can help kids in school. They observed increased personal qualities like open-minded curiosity, kindness acceptance, trust, patience work motivation and autonomy. It was also found to improve their academic performance. This is just the beginning of the brain exploration we will do. But it is already so insightful; science confirms the experience of millions of practitioners meditation will keep you healthy.Meditation to pump up the moodDespite of the bucket full of benefits Meditation provides the shield to the human body which gives the immunity to fight against multiple diseases. It boosts up the physical flexibility of the body which helps it in qualifying every mental task. Some of the studies indicated that meditating even 20 minutes per day for a few weeks was already enough to start experiencing the benefits . Meditation gives you a feeling that you are into a big ocean floating calmly without any hindrance. Meditation is not at all burden on your daily schedule but it’s like exercise, the more you practice the more you gain.  Meditation can be easy or it can be challenging but its amazing benefits are priceless and extravagant.

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Meditation: A Yoga Science Allied To It

The science behind yoga is quite correlated to meditation to a certain extend. Thousands of years back the first mystics wanders several places just to attain solace from their daily struggles and distractions. There in isolation they studied their own inner experience. They noticed a myriad of thoughts and emotions as they felt there inner core, although it somehow caused anxiety and stress. Eventually with vigilant observation the mystics found that when they stopped feeding their thoughts they started to get quieter and quieter. They were quite literally changing their state of mind from the inside out.  

Meditation Yoga scienceThe Mystics in India called this practice Vipassana which means clear seeing.  Today in present scenario we call it as Meditation.  Moving into early 2000s , scientists studying the brain and the effect of brain exercises started to make some surprising discoveries . Brain science was still in its infancy and in fact up until late into the 20th century it was still thought that the brain was solid like concrete, unable to change in its structure. But then they discovered a phenomenon called brain plasticity.  It seemed the brain could actually change.  It could be shaped and rewired by exercise and guess what they found had the power to cause structural changes with Meditation.

Several studies found a whole host of structural changes in the brains of people who meditated. The default mode network which could stimulate wandering and aimless thought grooves was quiet down. The amygdale which processes fear and anxiety reduced in size and activity.  Gray matter in the sensory regions of the brain increased which turn enhanced sense perception. These were startling discoveries and it became clear that there was something to this ancient practice after all, but it’s not just neuroscience. The field of psychology also owes some recent developments to this Eastern philosophy.  The Mystics of old times claimed the simple fact with regular insight. 


You’ll see that your thoughts are not real and the recent success of cognitive talk therapy uses this exact same strategy. The subject learns to see the falseness of their own repetitive thinking. They’re simply an interpretation of what is going on not the actuality of what’s going on. So what’s the difference you might ask well say someone next to you makes a sarcastic remark.  This may trigger you to start thinking about a number of possible explanations and they could all be completely false.  For example she did that on purpose, everyone does this to me, they’re all planning to keep me down etc.  See how these thoughts lead to other thoughts which multiply with each other. The philosophy of Vipassana is to see that these thoughts are nothing more than stories in your head and as you get better they stop multiplying so quickly but don’t be disheartened it takes practice by the way.

vipassana meditationYou don’t necessarily have to look like a yogi or sit like a pretzel to meditate so whether it’s breathing meditation, watching meditation dancing or fishing meditation whatever clears your mind is a great place to start.  All of these techniques contribute to a healthier mind there is something that brain science is starting to substantiate and it’s what ancient mystics said all those years ago.

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Meditation : A Simple And Effective Technique

Meditation is a quite simple method and technique that helps in clearing your mind. Meditation helps in getting control over emotions and actions so that the wealth and health can be improved in accordance with the nature and its laws. Simply Meditation creates the path so that communication can be done with the ecstasy of our higher worth and spirits. There are all kinds of different meditation techniques but for most of the people general concept works the most. Meditation can also be defined to convey your creative thoughts.  The initial thing to do when you begin to learn how to meditate is to find a perfect place and time where and when you can really relax and unstring your cables from your puzzled mind. Turn off your cell phone, computer and TV and try to make sure that nothing can bother you at least for some time.

Mindfulness Meditation practice in your daily lifeThen try to find a place where you can make yourself comfortable. You can sit or stand or try both and see which way works better for you.  If it’s uncomfortable for you just try to place your body in a relaxing state and make sure to keep your back straight. It will help the energy to go through your spine much easier. Then try to reduce thoughts in your head and eventually reach the state when you have no thoughts in your head for at least nine seconds.  The silence of your thoughts is what allows your mind to relax and finally embrace the surrounding environment and don’t worry most likely you will not be able to silence your thoughts from the first attempt.  . You can involuntarily practice it every night before you go to bed.

However when you are adding your own will to the process, you are accepting the energy-informational game that surrounding environment is always playing with you. Being active in any sort of activities can help in yielding better profound results. Mediation can be more effective if you increase the outset to deepen your senses. Since the main idea of meditation is to find your own balance in the surrounding environment and find a way to communicate with nature. The most effective way to do it is to enhance the work of your senses. You can play meditational or relaxing music with headphones or without headphones.  

meditation musicThe main thing is to be comfortable with what you do closing your eyes helps you to concentrate on your inner world and that’s where all the correct answers are to power up. Your brain and spine gives your body the energy and strength to resonate on the higher frequencies. Meditation can be practiced anytime irrespective of any location. Meditation can be practiced to sharpen your aim if you need to and then go create something. Perhaps with time you will be able to reach a state when you will be meditating while living. You will always know what to do with your life in order to make it more interesting and successful and that what living in your creativity is to learn eventually so that you can match up with the visualization of the environment.

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What Is Chakra

Meditation a boon

Benefits of meditation have been the focus of thousands of studies and researches over the past 50 years. Giving a glance on the top six benefits which crusade and influence for meditation adoption. The first benefit is that it physically alters your brain.

Meditation increase brain size

It has been found that meditating for just eight weeks increases your brain size in three crucial areas, the left hippocampus which is responsible for your ability to learn as well as your ability to retain information, the posterior cingulated which is involved in your ability to control where your mind wanders and the temporal parental junction which is responsible for empathy and compassion. Meditation doesn’t only grow the good parts of your brain, but with meditation there were also decreases in cell volume in the amygdale which is the area of your brain that cope up with the feelings of fear anxiety and stress. The second benefit of meditation is that it reduces bad feelings .There have been numerous studies that look solely at the effects of meditation on emotions such as stress depression and anxiety.

Meditation Increase Brain Size

Stress isn’t inherently bad for you in fact a little stress is actually healthy for you , however there are many people who stress too much and this can cause serious health problems. Meditation can help you better manage as well as dramatically decrease the negative side effects of stress.

Mindfulness meditation rescues people from specified antidepressant drugs and medicines. People undergoing the study had a 31% less of a chance of relapsing. Meditating for just eight weeks dramatically reduced anxiety symptoms and meditation reduces bad feelings. Meditation helps ease depression and anxiety. The third benefit of meditation is that helps you overcome bad habits. The dorsolateral prefrontal cortex is the part of your brain that is responsible for willpower. Meditation stimulates growth in this part of your brain.  The fourth benefit of meditation progressively expands the competency to concentrate and focus more on the instances related to daily happenings.  The group who underwent meditation is significantly better suggesting that meditation increases your ability to concentrate. Meditation increased the length of which workers were able to concentrate on a single task.

Meditation Increase Brain Size

The fifth benefit of meditation is that it is extremely healthy.  Meditation decreased the amount of C – reactive protein in the blood which directly correlates with the development of heart disease. The practitioners with just three months of meditation practice can drastically decrease their blood pressure. Genetically meditation has consequences on the human body.  Meditation can help in slowing down the age and making your skin to glow flawlessly. This is evidence that meditation may slow down the process of Aging and finally but definitely not least. The sixth benefit of meditation is that it makes you happier .Monks who is practitioners of meditation for years had 30 times the normal amount of gamma Waves that relates with the intellect, compassion, self-belief and feelings of joy in the brain. 

Meditation Benefits

Meditation practice produces positive emotions that increase over time as you practiced it on a daily basis .So it’s to no surprise why some of like CEOs sports teams and entrepreneurs are all jumping on the meditation bandwagon.

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Mindfulness Meditation: Why to Practice in Your Daily Life?

Mindfulness meditation has very incontestable outcomes when practiced for 12 weeks .When practiced shows dramatic improvements despite any chronic illness while mindfulness meditation does help build self-esteem it’s even more effective at stopping your self-esteem from decreasing when you experience failure or social rejection .You might start having cyclical negative thoughts which can quickly destroy all of the self-esteem that you built up. These harmful thoughts discourage you from doing the things that make you happy. So it’s incredibly important to address them before they get out of control .Mindfulness meditation is a great way to do just that because it offers you the opportunity to bring your attention to the negative thoughts or habits and find ways to correct them .Mindfulness Meditation practice in your daily life

 Mindfulness meditation also has been used as a form of therapy for individuals struggling with depression not only it does reduce the production of chemicals in our brains associated with depression but , meditation also fosters a more stable emotional mindset by decreasing the presence of unhealthy behaviors brooding. For example is common amongst individuals with depression allowing for negative emotions like sadness anger and self-criticism to stick around for way too long.  A study by the University of Exeter looked for this kind of behavior in two groups of people who were recovering from depression the first group used only depression medication while the second group practiced mindfulness meditation at least once every day the researchers found that about half of the medication group ended up relapsing because of unhealthy behaviors like brooding which prevented the medication from doing its job on the other hand those who practice meditation were significantly less likely to relapse because they were less likely to engage in any of these depressive behaviors . So if you’re hoping to improve your emotional health mindfulness meditation can be a safe and effective way to cut depression off at the source number for increase attention for most people.

Mindfulness Meditation

The hardest thing about meditation is keeping your mind from wandering you’re so used to constantly thinking about your work and all your responsibilities that it can be hard to focus on something simple like your breath or the present moment but by practicing this kind of concentration you’re actually increasing your attention span so that you’ll be clear-headed and productive. When you refocus your mind on work but how much can meditation really affect your attention well , in 2007 a study answered this question by testing the concentrated skills of people before and after an eight-week course on mindfulness meditation the researchers found that meditation dramatically improved their speed and performance despite having never meditated before the eight-week course a number of other studies have shown the same overwhelmingly positive results suggesting that daily meditation can heighten your focus and increase your productivity number.

brain before and after meditationDoes it take enough time for you to sleep? The number can vary but generally it should take between ten and twenty minutes for your body to relax shut down and go to bed. So what does it mean if it takes you an hour or more to fall asleep? Well it could mean you’re just going to bed too early but difficulty falling asleep can also be a sign of insomnia. Believe it or not over half the population has dealt with insomnia which can last anywhere from a few days to a few years .Most people would think to resolve the issue with sleeping pills ,but these can have a number of nasty side effects including addiction and fatigue. So psychologists have begun recommending meditation as a healthy and safe alternative .Meditation before sleeping eases your mood by giving you sooth that prevails the sleep.  According to a research this short period of relaxation can significantly improve the quality of your sleep. Even for chronic insomniacs it can help you fall asleep sooner stay asleep longer and stop you from randomly waking up in the middle of the night because you’re getting a better night’s sleep You’ll also notice improvements in memory concentration and problem-solving which require your brain to be sharp and well-rested.

brain before and after meditationThe amount of pain that you feel is often based around your own perception in other words if you can learn to control your state of mind you can often lessen the amount of pain you’re feeling at any given time. Daily mindfulness meditation is an effective way to hone that controlled mentality which will allow you to cope with and lessen the amount of pain that you’re feeling. Individuals who meditate everyday seem to experience less pain than everyone else.  The activity of their brains while in pain finding that they reacted significantly less to painful stimuli in comparison to people who had never meditated before and it doesn’t stop there.  Another study tested pain tolerance and over 3,000 participants who were struggling with chronic pain they found that those participants who practice daily meditation were far better when it comes to strength for bearing the pain whether although you suffer illness.

Mindfulness Meditation practice in your daily lifeThe next time you get hurt daily meditation can potentially decrease your perception of pain number seven improve memory though not often recognized as one of the main benefits daily meditation can have a huge effect on the parts of our brain that store and recover memories . The best example of this was shown by a study in 2013 in which a group of researchers examine the brains of people who had never meditated versus people who meditated every day while they found that the brains of longtime meditators were more developed in a number of different areas. The regions associated with memory were some of the most prominent, these regions were thicker more intricate and more active than their counterparts which the researchers attributed to daily meditation. This means they not only have an easier time recalling events from their long-term memory but can also store information much more efficiently these skills are extremely helpful no matter who you are . So start practicing meditation to make sure you never forget your keys your phone or other important details of your life.  


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