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Ayurveda Doshas

We are surrounded with a variety of human beings around us. We might notice that some of them are quite very active while some shows to be slow and slangy. Some merely take any stress in their life and cherish every moment while some oppress themselves with some many responsibilities and load. Actually Ayurveda has the actual answer linked to it.

Ayurveda Doshas

So in Ayurveda the science of life the body is made up of five elements Air, Fire, Space, Earth and Water. These five elements are kept categorized into three body types Vata which is composite of air and space Pita which is composed of fire and water, Kapha which is composite of earth and water. So if you know your body type and you act accordingly, you eat accordingly and you can plan out everything accordingly.  You can really help yourself so what it  mean that if you are water quality time you can eat things which are more sweet sour and salty because water body type people have low blood pressure and they cannot do fasting.  If you are Pita you must avoid spicy, sour, salty and pungent food .You must eat more sweet like papaya after strawberries as strangers like pomegranate and bitter foods. So if you’re comfortable you should avoid things which are heavy you should go for light.  You should avoid things which are sweet sour and salty.

Those are our three functional energies and these energies throughout the life flowing in our body when these energies are disturbed. This is the imbalance in the body it can be physical, it can be mental, it can be emotional also.  So first energy to on Vata, this is the energy of movement all kinds of movements in our body it is due to water. Second energy called Pita this It’s the metabolism of our life. Third energy it lubricates the body and it whips us physical stability .So these energy when they are flowing properly in our life but the life will be health and balanced and when they are going up and down .We can have problems and whole life we are balancing these three images yourself .So if your Vata and your blood pressure is low and you are not having salty things and you are not eating , it’s just not good so if you eat according to your body type its good and if you eating too much spicy food and sour and salty food it’s going to harm.  If you’re Kapha and it is very high and you are overweight and then still you’re eating heavy foods and you are eating late nights. So definitely it is going to harm.

Ayurveda Doshas

If you wake up before sunrise you are going to the toilet and have the elimination of the urine and then stool its good, but if you sleep till late you are absorbing that fecal matter so it’s bad. The basic reason of 60% cause of back pain is late night food because the muscles which are here can go out but the muscles which are there in the back. So if you wake up early in the morning you release the waste plus if you are not eating late if you are eating early six seven o’clock dinner your you know it is good too for the body metabolism .You must have a good physical activity in the form of asana pranayama and yoga and iron that can do magic in your life.


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