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Benefits of Zen Meditation

The roots of Zen originally stem from two other schools of thought .Firstly, the age-old Chinese philosophy of Taoism which is based on living harmoniously with the natural herbs and flows of the cosmos .Secondly Buddhism , it is a belief system based on the teachings of the Buddha among his core teachings are concepts such as the existence of suffering attachments .The outcomes cause suffering when attachments and desires are set free .Buddhism Zen believes that to become immersed in religious knowledge or to concentrate on theoretical applications of belief systems even including Buddhism and Daoism is to waste one’s precious thought-forces . Zen which is also in part derived from Zazen which means to sit is a concept centered on letting go the past entanglements that may often ruminate and rumble in one’ senses in every instance of time frequently.  So instead for one’s peace of mind bodily health and fortitude of soul and spirit, it is essential to stay grounded in the here to be kind to yourself by letting go of self-criticism regrets and judgment. Of course it is also vital to extend this to all people situations and circumstances .Thankfulness for big and small Zen Buddhism and Zen meditation also makes it clear that we must learn to appreciate even the smallest things in life that we once would have shrugged off .Overlook for instance remembering to be just as grateful for a drop of rain as a walk along the seashore a blade of grass as much as a field of flowers and a penny as much as a million pounds.

Benefits of Zen Meditation (2)

The paradox of trying to clear your mind and send emphasizes that it’s not enough to attempt to clear your mind of all distractions and thought during meditation or practice because ironically when we attempt to be free of thought we are still thinking. So instead SARS Han and Zen teach us to simply release our minds from thought without thinking about it.  Yes this is a bit of an anomaly but through practice it is very possible to not become disturbed by thoughts .You must not think during meditation relinquishing control to be more spontaneous while as human beings we have a tendency to take up the reins that control in our own lives.  Sometimes unwittingly in the lives of our nearest and dearest – it’s important to work in harmony with Providence and the natural forces that shape and influence our lives without feeling threatened anxious.

Zen meditation is nice and simple.  You simply need to sit either on the ground or floor to make yourself more comfortable. You can sit on a cushion cross your legs but make sure you’re still comfortable. Please don’t contort your limbs. Rest your hands on your lap both hands should be facing with your palms upwards. One hand inside the other close your eyes and clear your mind but try not to think about clearing your mind slowly and calmly inhale and exhale.  Let your inhalations be natural. Do not inhale for longer than seems comfortable. Continue to breathe slowly in and out in a controlled manner for 510 or more minutes remember to breathe in a controlled way while freeing yourself of all control meditating your way back to mental and physical well-being.  It is quite easy to understand why there are many benefits of Zen meditation due to the relaxed nature of the tradition. Yes as human beings are blessed with the power of our own Internet but sometimes this can become a burden when we over think a circumstance or situation and ploy to plot and map our route.  So to speak it can be such a relief to accept that we don’t have all the answers and oftentimes we just have to let life happen.

Benefits of Zen Meditation

Zen helps us to become free from depression and apprehension. In many of its states and forms because when we think this way you no longer need those brown paper bags when we’re no longer attached to a specific desire or outcome . You don’t tend to find ourselves lying awake at night and during the wee early hours of the morning tossing and turning insomnia not always but often is related to a restless wearisome mind. The regular practical application of as M tends to make us feel lighter within due to their being far less mental internal conflict you become the master. Risk of your own mind instead of vice versa getting enough sleep helps ward off depression and other mind related ailments and disorders. Plus a good night’s sleep enhances our immune systems and helps our bodies to regenerate fresh cells and when we’re fresh on the inside we sparkle on the outside meditating your way back to a state of happiness . When we start to practice Zazen in a way that is practical as opposed to theoretical, we begin to reap the benefits of Zen meditation not just mentally and physically but also emotionally. You see when we stop deriding and berating ourselves and reverting back to the past and they could have should have would have way of thinking when we stop judging for actions, mistakes and missteps of others.


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