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How to Use Meditation Journal

In order to increase our ability to perform at any skill we have to track our progress. We have to be able to understand the action that we took that led us to this point and then what we can change at this point. To move forward to a more desirable place Meditation Journals are great tools that you can use to track your results around your meditations .So if you would like to learn how you can use a meditation journal you need to follow some steps into it. Try to make it a habit that almost every time that you meditate you should opt for writing in a journal and soon you will realize that it will become a ritual. It will really allow you to go back and examine the experience and how it is supposed to interpret that experience.How to Use Meditation Journal

Moving forward take an example May it a habit that you would talk about maybe any feelings of pleasure or happiness or you know a realization that you have experienced during the meditation. You have to write those things down and you will dive deeper into them.  After that you have had the time to meditate so, a few questions that you could ask yourself to answer in your meditation journal could be what was the quality of my meditation, while I was meditating was there anything in particular that I noticed was occurring like maybe I’m feeling anxious and I’m wanting to move and stand up or maybe I’m experiencing a little bit of anxiety because I’m having a hard time relaxing and letting go of certain things that may have happened in the day. Another question that you could ask is what I can do next time to make this meditation experience even better.How to Use Meditation Journal

This is where the true power of a meditation journal really kicks in so if you can track and analyze all of the steps that you took to get to the end of your meditation. Then what you’ve essentially created is a roadmap to get back to a very similar place. What this means is that if we change some of the factors of the roadmap then we will end up in a different destination.  So if you are not having as great of a meditation experience as you would like to have , track the activities that you are doing both before and after meditation . See what you can do to change those factors.How to Use Meditation Journal

So one of the factors could be did you stretch or not before meditation.  What types of stretches did you do? Did you do Qi Gong?  Did you do yoga?  What did you do mindful stretching? Next did you listen to a guided meditation? If so what instructor did you listen to these are all factors that determine the experience that you will ultimately have in your meditation. So if you can analyze all the small factors and how they work together to give you a specific meditation experience then you can change those factors and create a new experience. Here are a few different types of note pads that you can use while you are writing in a meditation Journal. These are one of the best types of notepads that you will like to use for several reasons. You will like them because they’re very small and they can fit in your back pocket, so you can carry them almost anywhere you go. Another type of notepad that you will like to use is medium-size notepad.  

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