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Meditation Music

Meditation music has its deep roots connected in providing serenity and placidity to the human being. The meditation music thrives to aid in keeping the stress and anxiety factors to diminish. It can be used as a part of meditation in providing calmness. Meditation Music can be of any context which can be Mantras or OM chants. It can also be any soft music related to any of the composing artists. Focus is all what it works for, so meditation music can be any of comprising music prevailing focused environment. Meditation Music has got enormous benefits which are linked in to provide healthy, and stress free life.


  1. Diminishes stress

Soothing and Soft music has a deep connection to your soul as it creates the relaxation to your body and pushes you mood to decrease stress by making your mind free from negativeness. It creates the connection between your inner self and soul which gives calmness. Health can be improved when one goes with music involved in meditation.

  1. Deep thinking meditation

Meditation Music opens up the door to creations which helps the mind to create tranquility which brings the inner peace as one goes for meditation.

  1. Yoga

Yoga and any other meditational activity works on the breathing patterns in the scenarios. Meditation Music relaxes the mind by creating sootheness to mind from chaos and makes every asana enjoyable and full of zeal and excitement. It creates every task as enjoyable treat to us.

  1. Body Relaxation

Whether you go for any of the healing technique including acupuncture, reflexology, Reiki it will give the maximum of the results when you would be deeply indulged in it which can be possible once you are listening to the meditation music it will give you the deeper experience.

  1. Act as healing agent

As per researches the mind and body relaxation is connected with the human body’s intensity and ability to heal it. Meditation Music leads to the releasing up of the negative healing powers providing the positivity and greater benefits in providing

  1. Prevails life balancing

Tai chi and other healing techniques are some practices which involves meditation music within it. Lifestyle balancing is something which is quite dreadful and difficult. Relaxation Music creates the pace of joy with meditation music.

  1. Improved Sleep

Relaxation music drifts in providing better sleep and creates the better thoughts and easiness which delivers better sleep. It helps in building up the easiness and sense of the serenity which prevail better and deep sleep.

  1. Better digestion of food

Relaxation music helps in building up better focus that creates the better way to meditate and improves the digestion system which delivers healthy lifestyle.

  1. Reducing Pain

Physical pains can be diminished when one goes for meditational music. It soothes the mind and diverts the mind from the pain post any surgeries and helps in managing the chronic pains.

  1. Increased Concentration

The person who adopts meditation music has more reliability to complete tasks rather than one who don’t. It increases the level of concentration.


Meditation Music


1st Chakra “Root Chakra” (मूलाधार चक्र )

Matra is LAM (लं )

2nd Chakra “Sacral Chakra” (स्वाधिष्ठान चक्र)

Mantra is VAM (वं)

3rd Chakra “Solar Plexus Chakra” (मणिपुर चक्र)

Mantra is RAM (रं)

4th chakra “Heart Chakra” (अनाहत चक्र)

Mantra is YAM (यं)

5th chakra “Throat Chakra” (विशुद्ध चक्र)

Mantra is HAM (हं) 

6th chakra is “3rd Eye Chakra” (आज्ञाचक्र)

Mantra is OM (ॐ)

7th Chakra is “Crown Chakra” (सहस्रार चक्र)

Mantra is OM (ॐ)