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Meditation versus Thinking

Many people have thoughts that how meditation differs from Thinking. Even a few people don’t meditate and they give the reason that while meditating they enter into a phase where they over think a lot.  They start reflecting on things but it’s not the same thing and not everybody realizes that for one. Research shows that meditation is actually a different state of consciousness meditation that works to actually create some space between our thinking and ourselves.

Meditation versus Thinking Meditation helps you connect with a deeper sense of you. It’s that you who notices that you thinking and reflecting and once you start to notice that there’s you that sees that you think and reflect some. Other really cool realizations can happen and one of the biggest things is that you can start to notice how you think and reflect. When we’re kids we get bigger job. Well our thinking and reflecting is like the content that goes in to the bigger framework and that framework is the scheme that itself see by disassociating with the content of our thoughts

Meditation versus Thinking

By taking a step back and viewing them non-judgmentally, we can start to see the framework that exists at the root of those thoughts and meditation gives us the tools to rebuild that framework in meditation. We can practice new ways of thinking that might feel foreign to us that don’t come naturally but with enough practice .We can rewire our cognitive framework, rewire our neural pathways until our new practiced way of thinking becomes habitual .People who are meditating aren’t just following their thoughts .

Meditation versus Thinking

They’re absolutely participating in them and have the potential to change their brains if they need to finally and this is a subject that can be a whole separate video but meditation also goes beyond thinking when you’re meditating .You might notice thoughts that you’re also noticing feelings and things that are coming up within your body in your heart and it’s that vertical integration between your heart and your mind. What’s going on emotionally within your body that makes meditation so unique well .

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