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Obstacles during Meditation

Meditation is a continuous practice; you need daily routine regimen to be followed to get the results and importance in abundance. There are some common problems that can occur when we’re meditating and somehow we have to cope up to deal with it .One we’ve got sleepiness so what do we do when we’re feeling a little sleepy? Well the first thing to do is to acknowledge and recognize that this is actually happening but the head is starting to nod a little bit.  So once we’ve got that awareness, we can then start to think that this isn’t really what we’re supposed to be doing in meditation. Obstacles during Pregnancy

Remember sleeping is not our goal of the meditation.  It’s okay to meditate, feel sleepy and then go to sleep. But it’s not our primary focus to fall asleep during meditation so when we recognize that this is happening, we just simply need to allow the eyes to open gently maybe focus on a point in the room. Just allow our senses to come back and awake.  You’re your seating position comfortable again making sure that the back is nice and straight and then when we’re feeling ready just making sure that maybe the room isn’t too hot or anything like that and then just allow the eyes to just close and then slip back into the meditation again.

Obstacles during Pregnancy

Many practitioner notices that they’ve got more thoughts now on meditating than when you know before they started. Well again it’s about sort of managing our expectations. Mindfulness meditation will never stop the thoughts. The purpose is just to allow the thoughts to settle and allow us to become aware of those thoughts.  When those thoughts occur we smile, we nod and we just return our attention to whatever our meditation is at this time, whatever our focus is so When we’re having thoughts it is sometimes useful to be able to just name them as boredom or frustration. I just tell my students to just smile and nod if you can name whatever that feeling is, whatever that thought is. Acknowledge that it’s there.  Try not to push it away.

Obstacles during Pregnancy

Boredom is also one of the factor that obstacle meditation. Sometimes when we sit we get bored again. It’s acknowledging that this can happen and the answer to this is the tendency to come up with. Repeat following the breath were again. Sometimes especially at the beginning it can be a little boring so recommendation to the beginners is to just cut back a little bit on your meditation. So if you’re starting with 5-10 minutes then may be reducing it.  Just take a few minutes off and then over a period of time just slowly increase that again. Before uncomfortable sitting and meditating and after about five minutes which is probably in reality. Make sure that the environment is right so make sure that the temperature is good. Make sure that we’ve chosen a really good chair, which we’ve got suitable cushions that were supported. 

Obstacles during Pregnancy

Sometimes when we meditate bad feelings can occur so we get upset. If these things do occur then this is part of actually what meditation does and we need to be gentle with ourselves. Sometimes if the thoughts are intrusive , if our thoughts are going to be coming on feelings,  if they’re becoming a little overwhelming then we need to stop meditating even if it’s just for a little while and maybe we need to seek more professional help.  So we go into our doctor making sure that we’re taking our medications making sure that we’re doing what we need to do to keep ourselves well and if bad feelings are still reoccurring then we must seek professional advice.

Obstacles during Pregnancy

It’s our bad experiences sometimes when we meditate we get a fixation of oh my god this is going to be bliss, this is going to be fun plastic I’m going to be just so chilled but sometimes when we meditate we get bored, sometimes when we meditate we don’t go very deep, sometimes with fidgety and it’s just not working for us and we get frustrated. We get a little bored and again it’s just accepting that these things happen or not .When we meditate never two sessions are going to be the same it’s just the way meditation goes and it’s just learning to let that go and enjoy . Accept whatever experience comes to hand because it is different. Every time you meditate and not to have any of these expectations just let go of those and what the feelings will remain the same even if it is boring or blissful.


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