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Meditation Benefits

What is Zen Meditation

Zen Meditation has also called Zazen its fundamental and that means meditation so Qiang means meditation. The first thing to pay attention to in Zazen is the position of the body because the body communicates. It not only communicates outwardly, but it also communicates to your body language and you may not realize it right off. Also how you posture, your body creates a state of consciousness and so a lot of attention is given to the posture.  In Zazen but for several reasons sitting on the floor is the most stable and  the most important aspect of sitting on the floor that it’s stable and when the body creates a kind of tripod effect with the two knees touching and the butt touching it creates a kind of pyramid form .

What is Zen Meditation

It is the most stable of all of the sitting postures .We use as our small pillow to raise the bottom slightly two or three inches off. The ground that shifts the weight slightly forward so that the knees can touch and the back needs to be straight and you get the back straight by imagining your head pushing upward on the ceiling. If you stretch your body that way and then let those muscles go soft your body will settle into a very comfortable position with the spine straight. If you were to examine yourself at that point you’d find that in the lumbar region of the back there’s a slight curve, so that the butt the stomach is pushed slightly forward and there’s a curve in the lower part of the back that makes the diaphragm free to begin to function. The breathing takes place in the deep part of the lungs that the diaphragm is rising and falling with each breath.

What is Zen Meditation

The second thing is to place your hands in a cosmic Mudra. The cosmic Mudra is formed by your active hand .It’s my right hand holding the inactive hand and the thumbs likely touching and that rests on your thighs . So that the two thumbs touching create kind of an oval Mudra has a tendency to turn you. Zazen is the backward step it’s a way of turning in with studying the self so the back is straight, the chin is tucked in and it’s almost like sitting at attention. You tuck in the chin otherwise the head kind of droops over, your mouth is closed, the tongue is pressed lightly on the upper palate and that will keep you from salivating. So much people that have the problem of gulping every once in a while. We’ll find that that won’t happen if you keep your tongue pressed on the upper palate you breathe through the nose eyes.  Make sure that half of your eyelid or more is cover half, your eyeball is covered with eyelid. You’re looking at the ground 2 or 3 feet in front of you, you’ll find after a while that you will stop seeing what you’re looking at. You’ll stop processing that information your eyes will be open and you’ll be seeing but you won’t be processing it unless something unusual happens. What is Zen Meditation

You know you don’t go into a trance and Zazen there’s always the awareness there but it’s not engaged because there’s nothing to engage it. We’re creating an atmosphere with is nothing to stimulate or initiate the thought process except what you bring to it so eyes are lowered, mouth is closed.  You’re breathing through the nose and the next thing to do is to put your attention in the Hara. The Hara is a point 2 or 3 fingers below the navel .Let’s the physical center of the body and it’s also the spiritual center of the body you put your mind that you put your attention there which is essentially putting your mind there and as you breathe you imagine the breath coming down to the Hara and returning to the heart .Of course it’s not going to the heart, the hair is the viscera two or three fingers below the navel is that where the breaths going.

What is Zen Meditation

 It’s filling the lungs but you just imagine that to help you with the breathing and as you breathe pay attention to the breath. Don’t make the breath and abstraction but make contact with it. Be aware of the tactile sensation of breathing feel the coolness of an inhalation on the back of your throat and then follows it all the way down and then feel the warmth of an exhalation and if you stay in touch with that tactile sensation of breathing, you’ll have less of a tendency to get involved in thoughts .But the bulk of whatever you do in Zen, you will do it yourself. It’s about the wisdom that has no teacher, the wisdom that you were born with that’s inherent. It’s a process of discovery and Zazen is the medium through which that discovery is going to happen. It could be the most important thing you’ll ever do in your life.  The direct experience of yourself beyond the conditioning it’s the beginning of a process. The process of becoming truly human of discovering your human nature your Buddha nature and that’s no small thing to be able to do may your life go well.

Benefits of Zen Meditation

The roots of Zen originally stem from two other schools of thought .Firstly, the age-old Chinese philosophy of Taoism which is based on living harmoniously with the natural herbs and flows of the cosmos .Secondly Buddhism , it is a belief system based on the teachings of the Buddha among his core teachings are concepts such as the existence of suffering attachments .The outcomes cause suffering when attachments and desires are set free .Buddhism Zen believes that to become immersed in religious knowledge or to concentrate on theoretical applications of belief systems even including Buddhism and Daoism is to waste one’s precious thought-forces . Zen which is also in part derived from Zazen which means to sit is a concept centered on letting go the past entanglements that may often ruminate and rumble in one’ senses in every instance of time frequently.  So instead for one’s peace of mind bodily health and fortitude of soul and spirit, it is essential to stay grounded in the here to be kind to yourself by letting go of self-criticism regrets and judgment. Of course it is also vital to extend this to all people situations and circumstances .Thankfulness for big and small Zen Buddhism and Zen meditation also makes it clear that we must learn to appreciate even the smallest things in life that we once would have shrugged off .Overlook for instance remembering to be just as grateful for a drop of rain as a walk along the seashore a blade of grass as much as a field of flowers and a penny as much as a million pounds.

Benefits of Zen Meditation (2)

The paradox of trying to clear your mind and send emphasizes that it’s not enough to attempt to clear your mind of all distractions and thought during meditation or practice because ironically when we attempt to be free of thought we are still thinking. So instead SARS Han and Zen teach us to simply release our minds from thought without thinking about it.  Yes this is a bit of an anomaly but through practice it is very possible to not become disturbed by thoughts .You must not think during meditation relinquishing control to be more spontaneous while as human beings we have a tendency to take up the reins that control in our own lives.  Sometimes unwittingly in the lives of our nearest and dearest – it’s important to work in harmony with Providence and the natural forces that shape and influence our lives without feeling threatened anxious.

Zen meditation is nice and simple.  You simply need to sit either on the ground or floor to make yourself more comfortable. You can sit on a cushion cross your legs but make sure you’re still comfortable. Please don’t contort your limbs. Rest your hands on your lap both hands should be facing with your palms upwards. One hand inside the other close your eyes and clear your mind but try not to think about clearing your mind slowly and calmly inhale and exhale.  Let your inhalations be natural. Do not inhale for longer than seems comfortable. Continue to breathe slowly in and out in a controlled manner for 510 or more minutes remember to breathe in a controlled way while freeing yourself of all control meditating your way back to mental and physical well-being.  It is quite easy to understand why there are many benefits of Zen meditation due to the relaxed nature of the tradition. Yes as human beings are blessed with the power of our own Internet but sometimes this can become a burden when we over think a circumstance or situation and ploy to plot and map our route.  So to speak it can be such a relief to accept that we don’t have all the answers and oftentimes we just have to let life happen.

Benefits of Zen Meditation

Zen helps us to become free from depression and apprehension. In many of its states and forms because when we think this way you no longer need those brown paper bags when we’re no longer attached to a specific desire or outcome . You don’t tend to find ourselves lying awake at night and during the wee early hours of the morning tossing and turning insomnia not always but often is related to a restless wearisome mind. The regular practical application of as M tends to make us feel lighter within due to their being far less mental internal conflict you become the master. Risk of your own mind instead of vice versa getting enough sleep helps ward off depression and other mind related ailments and disorders. Plus a good night’s sleep enhances our immune systems and helps our bodies to regenerate fresh cells and when we’re fresh on the inside we sparkle on the outside meditating your way back to a state of happiness . When we start to practice Zazen in a way that is practical as opposed to theoretical, we begin to reap the benefits of Zen meditation not just mentally and physically but also emotionally. You see when we stop deriding and berating ourselves and reverting back to the past and they could have should have would have way of thinking when we stop judging for actions, mistakes and missteps of others.


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Ayurvedic tips for a healthy hair

Healthy Mind and body correlates with the healthy hair. As per evidence by Ayurveda, our hairs connect to our nerves in our body. The Ayurvedic products not only diminish the issues but lead to healthy and thick hair with regular hair treatments and oiling. Long Lustrous hairs brings the serenity to the mind as their roots are connected deep inside to it which primarily works in controlling our senses, feeling and emotions and provide calmness which can help in deep relaxation . There are certain foods, herbs massages or yoga practice not only to maintain healthy hair but helps in recovering from hair loss. Everyone loves beautiful healthy hair but sometimes it may be possible that some of us may be suffering from hair loss or perhaps any other imbalances or problems with hair. We will be going through how to look after our hair and to make it healthy. We would be going through the various approaches of ayurveda in terms of healthy hair in Ayurveda.

healthy hair

So generally whenever there is dry heat in the body it may lead to hair loss but then once again identifying which part suffers the most.  So generally looking into hair loss you will see that whenever there is excess hair loss from around the top of the head or whenever people talk about a receding hairline that is mostly to do with excess heat in the body. Ayurveda also believe that excess heat in the body may also start drawing the body so the aim is to reduce that fire in the body.

First of all let’s just start with the food intake we generally have in our complete day .Whenever we talk about food the kind of foods that you should avoid are usually something that may increase the heat.  Such foods are those which are either very spicy or very salty and sour foods. These foods should either be avoided or minimized.  One should choose that is really good to help prevent or stop hair loss is the aloe Vera juice.  Aloe Vera is known for its bitter yet cleansing properties. Aloe Vera also helps to get rid of that excess heat from the body.

In Ayurveda we go through different massages which usually talk about what is called as the prom knee Amla oil. This particular oil is actually made up of two different herbs, the first one is prom knee which is known for its nourishing qualities, it helps to nourish and strengthen the nervous system and therefore also helps to get rid of heat from the body.  The other herb that is Amla is known for its Cleansing qualities therefore it also has to get rid of the heat but also cleanses or removes the toxins from the body so this particular oil that is prom Amla oil is really good to be a flight and massage to be able to prevent hair loss.

Helpful Hair Care Tips

  • Always eat foods that are rich in iron so that you have better un brittle hair. Also add calcium enriched food to your diet which helps in better growth of the hairs.

  • Don’t over wash your hair. Make it a habit to make it twice, if necessary thrice a week which can lead to damaged hairs.
  • Avoid harsh shampoos that have ayurvedic ingredients such as amalaki, shikai and Aloe Vera.

  • Don’t expose yourself to sunlight to the most.

  • Make sure you comb your hair regularly.

  • Don’t take any stress and indulge yourself into recreational activities like meditation and power yoga.

  • Take adequate sleep daily so that it rejuvenates your day.

Ayurvedic tips for a healthy hair

These easy to go normal ayurvedic to do’s can bring in new life to your hairs and scalp which gives you healthy and lustrous hairs. It not only helps in nourishing your hairs and scalp but also give s peace and placidity to your mind and balanced nervous system.


Ayurvedic Diet for Weight Loss

What is an Ayurveda? Well Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine which has been developed in India. With its wide variety of uses and applications, Ayurveda can be used in weight management as well.

weight loss girls

We do talk about certain foods or herbs, massages or yoga practice to help towards a gentle and healthy weight loss. In Ayurveda whenever we look into weight gain or if someone is looking to lose weight, we usually look at that as an imbalance of erectile justifier which may lead to an excess of water or earth ailments as we know relates to kapha dosha. So therefore whenever we are looking to lose weight or in other ways, we are also looking to stimulate the digestive fire.  According to Ayurdeva says that something which is too sweet or too sour or too salty may lead towards Weight Gain.  Mild spices like Cinnamon, bitter and astringent tastes like green smoothies helps in weight loss.  Ayurveda says to avoid food and dairy like that of fruit yoghurt, fish and dairy, meat and dairy as they make toxins in our body. Make sure you take plenty of water daily.

weight loss

Ayurveda is taken as a detoxifying combination, the reason for that is because ginger helps to melt away the fat and all the toxins and lemon which has got cleansing qualities will help to flush out the toxins or that excess fat tissue out of the body. Therefore a combination of ginger and lemon tea every day would be really good and the best time to have this tea would be first thing in the morning when the metabolism is slightly sluggish or slow and of course,  secondly is after every meal or snack so ginger and lemon tea should become a part of your everyday routine or diet

Some of the tips which have been involved in the same are listed below:

ayurveda diet

  • Black Pepper, Honey and Lemon Juice

Make a mixture comprising of 1tsp Black Pepper, 1tsp Honey, 1tsp Lemon juice and lukewarm water. Mixture of all these things can be taken in morning. It helps in escalating the weight loss

  • Lemon Juice and Honey

Take 1 glass lukewarm water, 4tsp Lemon Juice and 1tsp honey and make a mixture of it and drink it empty stomach every morning and every day

  • Cabbage

Cabbage can be consumed raw or cooked. When its raw, it is more potent. Eat a bowl of cabbage everyday to boost fat burning. You can also have t before food as a substitute of snack.


  • Cynodon Sactylon Juice

Drinking Cynodon Juice is good in minimizing the toxins accumulation in the body thereby controlling fats in the adipose tissue layer.

  • Cinnamon and Honey

Taking Cinnamon powder along with honey in the empty stomach before going to bed shows result in fat burning.


  • Fresh Ginger

Consuming fresh ginger with or without honey is also suggested to burn fat in Ayurveda. You could have this in the morning since it increases body heat.

  • Guggul

Guggul is a useful natural ayurvedic remedy for weight loss and obesity management. It is helpful in increasing the level of good cholesterol in the body.


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Ayurveda for Health Benefits

Ayurveda for Health Benefits

I do Veda in an Asian form of science which originated in India around 5000 years ago the term Ayurveda comes from two words are used in life and Veda means the knowledge fuzzy science a unique blend of science and philosophy that balances physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components necessary for holistic healthy .The treatments in Ayurveda are basically in two types. One is the show done or the purification therapy and second is the shaman or of palliative care. The main aim of shodhan Chickasaw is to eliminate the visited doshas from the body which causes disease. It is an important process in Ayurveda and is an internal purification process. Punch karma or the therapeutic procedures used are basically to  facilitate the elimination of harmful factors through five different processes namely, woman which can be termed as an therapeutic emesis, Gretchen is a therapeutic purgation was T that is enema treatment , nasiha is a nasal in nasal installation of medicine and rectum option which are basically bloodletting therapies shaman Chiquita on the other hand is done only after Chiquita medications are used to be consumed internally and externally to manage the symptoms and cause of the disease through balancing the equilibrium of three doshas.  A key to our way the wellness and healing is a customized approach; one must understand a unique nature of each person in situation.  Taking into account the individual the season the geography and so on while allopathic medicine tend to focus on management of the disease. Ayurveda provides us with the knowledge of how to prevent disease and how to eliminate it root cause if it does occur.

Ayurvedic medicine can help you to be healthier with your digestive system. Ayurveda amends some specific herbs that support digestion Ayurvedic medicine can help you to be healthier with your digestive system. Ayurveda amends some specific herbs that support digestion. Here are a few that you can use that are Ayurvedic

  1. Fenugreek: Fenugreek is a powerful herb that can support your digestive tract in fact it can help you eliminate gas and bloating. It’s also strengthening your digestive system so
  2. Cumin: Cumin is an herb that is oftentimes used in things like hummus but cumin has a very sort of calming effect of your digestive system.
  3. Ginger: Ginger root is used widely in both Chinese medicine and iron medic medicine but ginger has anti-inflammatory benefits that are really great for your digestive system as well.  
  4. Black seed oil or black cumin: It’s a bitter herb that supports the liver and gall bladder and supporting your digestion.

Ayurveda for Health-Benefits

In that way but those are all Ayurvedic remedies that can really support your gut health. Another area where aromatic medicine is really powerful is reducing inflammation. One of the ayurvedic medicine Turmeric that contains the compound cur cumin which really helps reduce inflammation but there’s another herb used oftentimes both in sort of pacific medicine sort of an areas like Thailand but also some in Ayurveda and it’s called Galangal . It is sort of like an herb that’s a cross between turmeric and gin and has really powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. Warming spices like long pepper and black pepper so certain types of peppers and worming herbs can really support reducing inflammation that are part of an Ayurvedic diet as well . Ayurveda can really help your systems in your body is through anti-aging and having great looking skin Ayurvedic herbs such as schisandra and other herbs that really support collagen production and preservation in the body.  Amla berry it’s also probably number one for your skin. Amla berries also known as Indian gooseberry rich in vitamin C rich food. Holy basil together is oftentimes known as sacred, our Ayurveda was oftentimes referred to as Tulsi . Tulsi is an herb that’s been shown to lower cortisol levels which is going to help the adrenal glands the thyroid and really help balance insulin in your body. It also can be powerful for combining different health problems like PCOS and infertility.


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Ayurveda Doshas

We are surrounded with a variety of human beings around us. We might notice that some of them are quite very active while some shows to be slow and slangy. Some merely take any stress in their life and cherish every moment while some oppress themselves with some many responsibilities and load. Actually Ayurveda has the actual answer linked to it.

Ayurveda Doshas

So in Ayurveda the science of life the body is made up of five elements Air, Fire, Space, Earth and Water. These five elements are kept categorized into three body types Vata which is composite of air and space Pita which is composed of fire and water, Kapha which is composite of earth and water. So if you know your body type and you act accordingly, you eat accordingly and you can plan out everything accordingly.  You can really help yourself so what it  mean that if you are water quality time you can eat things which are more sweet sour and salty because water body type people have low blood pressure and they cannot do fasting.  If you are Pita you must avoid spicy, sour, salty and pungent food .You must eat more sweet like papaya after strawberries as strangers like pomegranate and bitter foods. So if you’re comfortable you should avoid things which are heavy you should go for light.  You should avoid things which are sweet sour and salty.

Those are our three functional energies and these energies throughout the life flowing in our body when these energies are disturbed. This is the imbalance in the body it can be physical, it can be mental, it can be emotional also.  So first energy to on Vata, this is the energy of movement all kinds of movements in our body it is due to water. Second energy called Pita this It’s the metabolism of our life. Third energy it lubricates the body and it whips us physical stability .So these energy when they are flowing properly in our life but the life will be health and balanced and when they are going up and down .We can have problems and whole life we are balancing these three images yourself .So if your Vata and your blood pressure is low and you are not having salty things and you are not eating , it’s just not good so if you eat according to your body type its good and if you eating too much spicy food and sour and salty food it’s going to harm.  If you’re Kapha and it is very high and you are overweight and then still you’re eating heavy foods and you are eating late nights. So definitely it is going to harm.

Ayurveda Doshas

If you wake up before sunrise you are going to the toilet and have the elimination of the urine and then stool its good, but if you sleep till late you are absorbing that fecal matter so it’s bad. The basic reason of 60% cause of back pain is late night food because the muscles which are here can go out but the muscles which are there in the back. So if you wake up early in the morning you release the waste plus if you are not eating late if you are eating early six seven o’clock dinner your you know it is good too for the body metabolism .You must have a good physical activity in the form of asana pranayama and yoga and iron that can do magic in your life.


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Benefits of Walking Meditation

What are the Benefits of Walking Meditation

Post a long lingered day will full of physical and mental stress in the office one might not hot into the feeling of going into a meditation mood that can lead into more frustration. Tiredness and exhausted body might not indulge itself into meditation mood. Apart from this one really want to go outside and catch up something else than this. A simple walk can do wonders in this case to soothe mind and body. Meditation has many forms one of them is Walking Meditation which eliminated the fact that meditation can always be practiced while sitting. Walking Meditation is one of the best options to go for. Since one point sitting is excluded from this so it can help the practitioner to connect to the environment and possess positive ambient.  Mindful Walking Meditation can be done anywhere in the outdoors, may be the corridors of the office or the veranda of the home where you can increase your sight of noticing surroundings.  Walking of course related to losing those extra pounds you have put on triggering the stress and depression at the same time. Mindful walking can be performed or practiced anywhere while going for grocery shopping or lingering out in mall for shopping with group.Benefits of Walking MeditationBy practicing mindful walking meditation, you will evolve mindfulness and with each step you will foster and acquire mindfulness. Find some of its benefits below:

  1. Achieve a tranquil state. Mindful Walking Meditation thrives to add up enjoyment, desire nous and delight to enjoy walking as a part of meditation. Mindful Walking Meditation accumulated the oxygen intake level and helps in reendow the energies within you by  excluding negative and down sight. It can be beneficial to diminish anxiety when you try to meditate.  Once to adopt Walking Meditation a daily routine you will start to be happier, refreshed and vivacious when you get into your bed in morning.


  1. Check the Body Movements. It is very crucial to pay heed to the body movements when you start going for walking Meditation. You have to balance your weight evenly when you start walking and making your legs to fall forward and backward. Practicing Mindful walking Meditation can unleash the worries and grief by bring a state of tranquility which calm your soul .


  1. Walk Alone.  In the process of walking, you need to inhale in one step and try to exhale in the next step and try to exhale in the next step. Try to be aware of what is around you such as road signals, notice vehicles, the lanes and around you. Your mind may get disperse and disturbed with the environment but you need to make sure that you are dedicating more of your time with your surroundings and environment . With this you can haze down your accomplishment and heal yourself mentally. It’s not something that you need any one to accompany you, you can also do with a batch of people where you can correlate with your consciousness. Anxiousness and depressed can be suppressed with this.


  1. Make someone learn is a great thing. Teaching some along without for the same can help you gain excitement for the same. Prohibit yourself from singing or talking or using mobile phones and keep a track and check on your breath .Thinking positive on every step you take can help you attain serenity which you long for.


  1. Catch the intention. Normal walking differs a lot from Walking Meditation it’s because you try to maintain that focus on your steps on your breath that you merely want any outside acquaintances to hinder you which can lead you to feel the vibes of the fresh air you are in taking.


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What is Walking Meditation ?

walking Meditation

Walking meditation is a powerful tool especially for people who don’t meditate regularly. Meditation is not such a practice which is quite complicated but is an easy going exercise. Meditation is something extremely simple. Walking Meditation is basically taking a walk not with the intention of getting to a certain destination, not with the intention of getting someplace by a certain particular time but being in the moment of the walk itself.  So in other words as you move around and take each step consciously you are having a feeling that is coming from your foot and shows how it’s resonating up to your entire body and that’s ultimately what meditation is. Meditation is really about clearing your mind from outside sources, outside things, distractions and being clear to the moment of various problems you face day to day in your life.


Walking meditation doesn’t have to be long, but going outside going to a park not taking your phone out not even thinking about time so to speak even, then you can do it just for a brief moment and just walk take a step, feel your heels on the ground, feel what that feels like get into the feeling of it that you know like through your shoes, you can feel the sand beneath your feet. You will be experiencing what that feels like as it shoots up your leg up, your back up, your shoulder, your neck into your brain. Walking Meditation triggers the action mixed with normal meditational practices. Walking Meditation points out the focus and cynosure while walking adding up the awareness alongside as your walk. Walking Meditation can be practiced in various forms but once mastered can be done easily in all contexts. Although Walking Meditation differs from other meditation practice as you might need complete concentration with eyes open during this. Once your body is in walking position you tend to be more observant of the surroundings, but the vibrations during still meditation are more subtle as once when you are practicing walking one.


Walking meditation is one of the zealous experiences for the one who practice it daily. It doesn’t implies that you need park of any running area to perform of practice this form of meditation but once stuck in traffic or gone for grocery shopping can also be dealt with Walking Meditation . what meditation is what you want to experience when you’re sitting , when you’re doing a sitting meditation which is what  is commonly known as meditation but walking is a lot easier because there is some movement , that’s why it’s a powerful tool to do.  As you’re building up to the idea of getting into walking meditation will help you to understand a feeling what traditional sitting meditation feels like. According to Research a lot of people they start tradition with sitting meditation and they think their mind is supposed to be clear but meditation on all forms is about awareness you’re going to have some thoughts, you’re going to have some things pop in your mind, you’re going to have some distractions but you want to just be aware of those thoughts and distractions have them and let them pass don’t attach yourself to those things. When it comes to

Walking meditation it is the same thing, you’re walking, you’re stepping with one foot, you’re feeling that then, you’re moving on to the sensation. Walking meditation is a great tool especially for the people who want to start out meditation and really get into clearing your mind and honestly practicing being peaceful and being in the moment then that’s the beauty of meditation


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Ayurveda Healing

Ayurveda is a consciousness based approach to health we can say it’s one of the most ancient and most comprehensive system of health care that exists today but more importantly it is a science about health and wellness and illness which actually talks about very simple basics that you have to create the qualities of being self different so that you are connected with your own self. So from where you are able to manage everything else, who you are, what your body type is, what your lifestyle choices are, how you process your emotions, how you remain content in your life, how you interact with all the different fundamental qualities of the nature around and still maintain a degree of balance. AyurvedaIt is impossible to maintain balance at all times but to have that awareness that you are constantly striving to do something good for your own mind body and spirit and that’s exactly what it’s all about i.e. the truly the science of life . So as the macrocosm as the human mind so as the cosmic mind to restore balance means to align all the elements and forces in the body with the elements and forces of the universe exactly because the motto of Ayurveda. The purpose of Ayurveda is to connect to your immortal self so that from where all the fear of death and disease is gone and so your ability to actually have that information so that you can transcend and connect to your spiritual self is the basis fire with you will be healthy and health is a byproduct of enlightenment. ayurvedic healingHealing with Ayurvedic principles emphasizes on lifestyle management where it’s about eating, breathing, digestion and metabolism. It profound on how to experience the world through the five senses including diet, food, taste, smell. Ayurveda as a healing technique has been originated from the Vedic culture. It clearly indicates in filling your life with knowledge in abundance. Ayurveda can be anything which includes exercises, stretching, massages and herbal diet. Ayurvedic Healing  fastens up the digestion and aids in building up and constructing body waste making efficient energy flow throughout the body.ayurvedic healingMore Related Articles – Meditation For Mind  Reflexology Healing   Tai Chi Exercises  Qi Gong  Reiki Benefits   Acupuncture Benefits



Acupuncture Healing


Acupuncture is one of the healing method which aids in cultivating and providing balance to your body through energy healing.  It is quite assertive in augmenting the well being and curing diseases from the human body.  Acupuncture is followed by the procedure of interjecting cat hair like needles on the pressure points of the body. A typical Acupuncture session starts with the oral analysis of the patients where the doctor wants to analyze the current situation of the patients in different contexts like what seems to be the problem? How is the energy? Are you keeping yourself hydrated? How do you feel emotionally? Are you taking enough hours to sleep? The procedure goes forward with the pulse detection where the pulses detects and indicates the energy flow through the body. The tongue of the human shows the internal organ workings and information.Healing with Acupuncture

Acupuncture when done on the stomach is used to treat all the intestinal issues like constipation, diarrhea, menstrual issues, cysts and infertility problems. Ren 6 is done on the median line of the lower abdomen where it is used to treat abdominal pains, Hernia and Emaciation. Ren 12 which is done on the median line of the upper abdomen to treat epigastric pain, distention, vomiting, cough, insomnia and pain relief. It is performed to strengthen and harmonize the spleen and stomach.  Followed by the Traditional Cupping where in this process the cups are been placed and are left to sit for 5-15 minutes during the complete procedure. Ear seeds which are held and kept in the ears with a tiny piece of adhesive backing for a week at least. It heels up the conditions where the pain can be diminished proving sound body and mind emotionally and physically. Qualified acupuncture from the specialists should have no side effects.  World Health organization WHO claims that it is quite factual and genuineAcupuncture Healing

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