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Spiritual Awakening

Awakening is the awareness that we have been sleeping. Awakening is the natural process and the time it takes can vary greatly from one person to other.  It goes from unconscious to conscious. When awakening we start to realize we have been asleep for most of our lives. We started to believe that there is something more to life that we had originally believed. We realize that we merely been going through  the motions of life and have viewed the world in a very limited way .The first indications that  an awakening  is happening  is a sharp feeling  or spark that resonated inside you ; the awareness that there is deeper meaning to your life . You will start to experience a growing dissatisfaction in how you are living. There would always be a sense there is something which is wrong or missing. You start to question the beliefs that have been instilled in your while growing up. Eventually you start to question your personality, your relationships and instincts. These questions can cause you to do a great deal of soul searching. Although the soul searching can be confusing and sometimes very painful, it is these thoughts that are guiding you into your true awakening. You start to reject the belief systems that were programmed into you by others through your life. There’s a sense of liberation after disassociating yourself from limited beliefs that held you back.

Spiritual Awakening

The next phase in the awakening process is letting go of things that no longer serve you. You start to evaluate personal relationships, career choices or organizations you are associated with. The pieces that had formally made up your life start breaking way, making space for growth, creativity, positive relationships and new beliefs that resonate within your soul. At this point of time you may feel loneliness in your life. You are now stepping out of your original self and the people in your life sense a major change in you. These feelings may confuse some people and others may not be accepting of the transformation you are going through.

Spiritual Awakening

The process of awakening is a very personal event and two awakenings are identical. Unless you have awakened, it is often very difficult to understand this process. You may become frustrated wishing other could see and feel what you are experiencing. The need to fit in or to be accepted is slowly being washed away by the overwhelming desire to be free and awake.  Many people start to feel stronger and no longer look to be happy through outside sources. You start to realize that your peace and happiness comes from within. You start to acknowledge that your thoughts truly create your reality .With every new experience of awakening it is normal to become fearful of losing oneself.  You may worry that you will be judged negatively.

Spiritual Awakening Ultimately the process of waking up and the clarity that is now coming into your life drives you to keep moving forward in your awakening process.  You now allow yourself to be exactly who you are, without any acceptances and approval from anyone .A feeling of unconditional self love encompasses you  . Around this time in the awakening, people tend to start exploring their spirituality through Yoga, visualization and meditation .You may also experience increased intuition. You have discovered that the key to happiness is living in the moment and you settle into the present at all times. Although you are experiencing a range of emotions, emotions no longer control your life. Your higher self has awakened, and you now live your life as this real self. You live your life based on inspiration and start to attract other awakened people into your life. This is the good time to reach out of others and support them on their own journey.  There is no as such a guideline that shows the right or wrong process steps to awaken. Remember no matter where you are in your awakening, you are exactly where you need to be.

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