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Reiki as a Healing Technique for Beginners

how to do reikiReiki is the Japanese healing method created as you need to be focusing on the positive rather than the negative. You cannot relax with worries on your mind. So let go of those polluted thoughts and allow healing to restore your body. Grateful gratitude is one of the most pure as it allows us to become aware of all the positive and great things we have in our lives which is the recipe for happiness.  Honesty makes sure that your actions are good and your work is always focused on improving the world and the life of others and that you’re not doing anything that can hurt.  All the people must be dreikiiven by pure intentions and live a life of honor and integrity. You will be kind to every living creature.  Show respect and kindness towards everyone whether it be your family, stranger animals and nature.  Show that you value that living being and see how important and beautiful it is.  Let your heart be open and spread love. 

These are the five principles of Reiki to help you live a positive and loving a life and allowing the universal energy of ki to heal you and flow through you. There are four important symbols used in Reiki the power symbol, the mental and emotional symbol, the distance healing symbol and the master symbol. The power symbol known as the chakra raid which means to place the universal power within itself. Here this symbol is used for requesting more power and energy from the universe and can also be used to ask for protection and safety. The emotional symbol symbolizes the uniting of God and human as they become one. This symbol is used for recreating balance and harmony inside you and others or in your environment. The distance healing symbol means may the Buddha and I connect with the Buddha in you .This simple issues to heal on a distance if you are unable to be with the person you wish to heal. This symbol can also be used to heal a situation and time .These symbols are only used by Reiki masters to attune others for the universal key energy. These symbols are visually drawn above the object for which you wish to influence whether it be yourself, another person or an object.  So if you want to learn how to use Reiki, here all the levels you need to work on level.  One Reiki attunement is the process where person gets more in tune with the Reiki energy and it helps them flow freely inside them. There are three levels of Reiki attunement the first level opens your chakras and allow you to connect with the universal energy, on the second level you will learn how to create mental stability and balance and the third level is the master level where you will be able to teach Reiki. Normally you will need a Reiki Master to perform the achievement but many believe that it is possible to achieve yourself as well. 

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A Reiki attunement can create solid strong emotions and you may be able to feel the vibration of energy before you begin the achievement.. Sit on a chair with your feet placed flat on the ground and your legs and arms on crossed to be open to the energy.  Take a couple of deep breaths to settle your body and calm your mind and then do a 30-minute meditation exercise to allow yourself to completely relax and clear your mind you can put on some soothing meditation music or calm nature sounds to help you get another relaxed state and release tension from your body. Attunement by Reiki Master can be done when you have a Reiki Master Church in you, he will place himself behind you and you will both do the Namaste pose for respect and pray to the universe to allow your heart to be open and your soul to be pure, you will pray for Reiki to come into your body and be humble and grateful, pray that anger and hatred will leave your body and replace it with unconditional love and compassion. You can ask angels to assist you if you please make the prayer meaningful to you, then the master will start by placing his hand on top of your head to open your crown chakra and raise your vibration so that you are ready to receive Reiki. reiki energy-healingThe Reiki Master will then draw the master symbol above your head followed by the three major symbols.  Each symbol will be pressed down into your crown chakra allowing it to be open to the energy flow. The reiki master will then place himself in front of you drawing the same three symbols into your heart chakra allowing you hard to be open and ready to receive loving energy.  Now the master draws the symbol into the palm of your hands to activate your hand chakra and allow them to be open and be a channel for healing now. There can be some variations to how the achievement is performed but as a receiver your role is to be open to the energy and let the reiki master at your new self achievement .There is not one way to perform self achievement and you can adjust the exercise to what works best for you. Basically we want to open our chakras so that way that negative energies can flow freely with no restraints. So sit calmly and do the Namaste pose where you will be asked to be humble and fill your heart with love and kindness and release negative thoughts and worries.what is chakraNow just above your head mentally draw the Jacarei symbol into the air and then press it down imagine the Reiki energy travel through your entire chakra system opening and activating your chakras from your purple crown chakra to your indigo third eye chakra, to your Bloom throat chakra and your green heart chakra, to your yellow solar plexus chakra down into your orange sacral chakra and into your red root chakra.  Do it slowly and feel each chakra respond to the energy of the symbol telling the universe to direct the energy to that location. Repeat this three times and now draw the Jacarei symbol and each chakra individually and present symbol to open the chakra .So draw the symbol at the crown chakra and then press it in take a moment to feel the effect of the energy. Then draw the symbol outside the third eye chakra and then press it in continue through the entire chakra system feel your chakras awakening and allow the energy to flow through you .Then place your hands on your knees palms facing upwards and mentally imprint the chopper symbol into your poems. Take a short moment to feel it sink in and know that your hand chakra is now open and ready to channel the energy. Now visualize the flow of energy going from the top of your head and into the palm of your hands, traveling freely and easily allow yourself to be open to love positive energy and let that love travel through your body and heal the people you touch. Take your time and enjoy the process. The second level follows healing yourself after you have been attuned to the Reiki. It will require little or no effort to channel energy as you will be an open vessel for spiritual energy which will travel through you.  Whenever you touch someone making you a conduit for love and healing you want to intend to heal which means you allow it to use you as a channel to send healing to the object you touch .So now you want to do your first self healing session which you will have to practice for a couple of weeks before moving on.reiki treatmentAs you want to practice the art of healing and get comfortable with the process. First you need to surrender to the power of Reiki and allow the life energy to guide you and show you the way. Trust that the energy knows where to go and what to do and simply surrender to it and let go of your egos need to be in control. You want to respectfully ask Reiki to flow through you as you do your healing. Position your hands in the Namaste position in front of your heart chakra the chakra of love and healing and gently say out loud or in your head be with me Reiki and travel freely through me guide me, as I am a channel for your healing energy, I will not be angry, I will not worry, I will be grateful, I will do my work honestly, I will be kind to every living creature. You can also raise your hands with your palms facing the sky and then visualize love and positive energy entering your body from your palms. Activating your hand chakra and preparing you for the healing chakras now for the healing pod .You first need to know the basis of the main chakra system and what physical body parts and each chakra is connected to as you will use that knowledge for your healing.reiki treatmentThe root chakra is the center for stability and balance and is connected to your lower organs such as the large intestines feet and legs. The sacral chakra is the location of your sexuality and creativity and is connected to your reproductive organs bladder and kidneys .The solar plexus is the location of your full power and life energy and is connected to your spleen gallbladder, pancreas, stomach, liver and small intestines.  The heart chakra is the location of unconditional love and it is connected to the heart and circulatory system lungs and your arms and hands. The throat chakra is the center of speech and the ability to speed up this chakra is connected to the throat upper part of the respiratory system and the jaw area. The third eye is the window to the spiritual world and it is connected to the face including the physical eyes forehead and sleep related problems. The crown chakra is your connection to the divine and the chakra is connected to the brain nervous system and cognitive abilities. Your chakras are energy fields that expand into your body. If you have problems in some of the chakras or the physical body path the chakra is connected to the energy in your aura will be weaker as your health is not intact healing so when you are ready for your self-healing session put on some calm background healing music if that helps you relax and then either sit on a chair with your feet place flat on the ground or lie down with your back straight. Remove jewelries and wear comfortable clothes. Do a 10 minute meditation exercise to calm your mind and body before you begin you’re going to heal your entire body step by step starting from the top and moving your way down to your feet . Make sure you keep your fingers together to make the energy flow more focused stay with each position for about two minutes to allow a key to heal the area. Position your hands gently on your clothes, eyes your hand will point upwards and the poem will be placed on the eyes with your fingers on your forehead to heal your third eye chakra and issues related to this chakra allow the energy to travel out the palm of your hands and heal yourself with the powerful universal energy precision to place your hands on the side of your head. Just in front of your ears or let your hands cover your ears precision free place your hands on the top of your head at the crown chakra this will heal brain related problems and give mental clarity precision.  Move your hands to the back of your head this will heal old emotional wounds of the past precision. Place your hands on your throat to heal the throat chakra position. Place your hands on your shoulders healing tension and negativity position .Place your hands on your collarbone healing your lungs and respiratory system position. Place your hands on your heart to allow you to be open to love and heal heart-related problems precision.Meditation BenefitsPlace your hands on the solar plexus healing organs in your upper abdominal area and strengthening your will power position. Place your hands at the navel at the sacral chakra and heal issues related to your reproductive organs and sexuality position. Place your hands at the lower part of your body at the root chakra creating stability and balance in your body position. Place your hands on your knees healing your legs and any problems you may have in this area position. Place your hands on your feet grounding yourself and centering your body position. Place your hands on your lower back healing your kidneys position and lastly place your hands at the tailbone for complete body healing after the healing you can sit quietly for as long as you need taking in the healing and allowing yourself to relax. Healing others once you have mastered self healing, feel comfortable doing that it is time to practice on someone else. Find someone who wants to participate first you need to make sure that both you and the other person is relaxed and ready to receive Reiki to spend about 10 minutes to meditate with the person you want to heal before you begin your session . Let the person lie down with a straight posture, feet uncrossed and arms resting on the side placing you at the top of the person’s head.  There will be no talking while doing the healing to allow both of you to be completely relaxed and focused. Ask Reiki to flow through you as you do your healing just like with the self healing position your hands in the Namaste hand mudra in front of your heart and say out loud and travel freely through me.  Guide me as I am a channel for your healing energy and then declare the five principles of Reiki that will not be angry, you will not worry, you will be grateful, you will work honestly and being kind to everyone .If you wish you can also raise your hands with your palms facing upward visualizing energy flowing through your palms and into your body to initiate the flow of Reiki.

unconditional love and compassion

Now you can begin your healing position one place your hands in the person’s eyes or however them as the eyes are very sensitive and the person needs to be comfortable.  You can’t do it to the energy and let the energy take charge showing you position to place your hands on the side of the person’s head , position your hands on the top of the person’s head at the crown chakra position ,  place your hands on the back of the head position , place your hands on the throat to heal the throat chakra position , place your hands on the shoulders and the collarbones healing tension precision ,  place your hands on the heart chakra position ,  place your hands in the solar plexus chakra healing the organs in the upper part of the body position line.  Place your hands on the navel at the sacral chakra position .Place your hands on the lowest part of the body at the root chakra position. Place your hands on the knees position and then place your hands on the feet grounding the person now ask the person to turn over so that you can heal the back position. Place your hands on the upper part of the back position and moving down to the middle part of the back healing any back problems the person may have position. Place your hands on the lower back healing the kidneys position and lastly place your hands on the tailbone .Get the person stay in a relaxed state, wash long as he or she needs level for scanning once you have been practice Reiki healing for a while. You will be more sensitive to the subtle energies and you will learn how to listen to your intuition and feel the energy and let the Reiki guide you in the healing process so see if you can feel the aura after person. You’re going to heal, let one hand hover over the person and scan them for any uneven spots in the hour to detect weak and unbalanced chakras.

What is Reiki?

what is reikiReiki a methodology commonly practiced for energy healing.  Having its deep roots from Japanese medium it means universal life energy. From its existence right from early nineties, it is still done for healing the targets through energy been transferred from one person to other.  As said by some common healing experts of Reiki, they felt a response to the practitioners hands it’s a warm sensation it’s a tingling sensation it’s very comfortable it feels very safe. According to the Experts the energy blocks within the corners of the body which gives birth to chronic illness and aches in the body.

Mikao Usui was the first person to start practicing Reiki Healing Technique.  Reiki from the energy healing communicates with the nervous system through our nerves, from where the messages are transmitted to the brain.  Reiki is an efficient and sound way to heal the body. Reiki can be termed as a spiritual healing practice which is performed by the trainers and practitioners on other person, but it have the edge where it can be self healed as well. Reiki can be performed on any age category people for healing from stress  whereas it has no evidence of being causing any harm to the health .Reiki doesn’t need any special or specific location or area or any crucial or important training to perform the same. But it essentially requires some specific fixed hours for in-person training from a Reiki expert trainer. 

reiki energy-healingReiki is something which yields very fruitful outcomes when performed in an undisturbed environment.  Reiki cultivates none other than a good practitioner who can guide up the best for you. It can be executed to the person who is far miles away from the healing expert. Reiki thrives to adjunct relaxation and manifests the body physically, mentally and spiritually.  Reiki promotes the atmosphere where every person can corresponds to each other and involve the ambient of congruity.. A nearly culturally universal belief with Reiki self healing techniques you can practice the techniques on your own body to relieve a number  of issues including pain relief, stress and anxiety and a number of chronic health conditions . Reiki prospers and assures the diminishing of the thoughts of helplessness, ignorance and uncontrollable gestures.