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Sleep Meditation Techniques

sleep meditation techniquesMinutes for meditation are for sleep and uneasiness that leads to insomnia.  Although the meditation doesn’t have to be a long trail but since it is somehow connected to the sleep deprivation, so that’s why this meditation technique is best to abandon the same.  You don’t have to sit in any special position in fact I would prefer that you are lying down if your intention is to sleep afterward.  however if you’re just looking to relax you can do this meditation absolutely anywhere .if you are seated just make sure that you’re completely comfortable there’s no room for discomfort during this meditation so if you’re ready to get started let’s begin . Place yourself in your comfortable seat or reclined position close your eyes to remove all visual distractions.sleep meditation techniquesBegin to focus on your inhales and exhales as they are in this moment.  for those of you who have trouble falling asleep because your thoughts are racing and your minds are full of things to do and worries about tomorrow ,begin by just focusing on your inhales and exhales by repeating silently inhale with every inhale and exhale on to every exhale.  Feel the inhale enter through your nostrils pass down the back of your throat into your chest your belly resting comfortably in your seat and then traveling all the way back up again collapsing your belly your chest feeling. it warm through your throat and then passing out of your nostrils where your mouth continue to follow that loop of inhales and exhales chasing no worry on whether or not they’re long or short deep or shallow . Whatever your breath is doing is in service to your relaxation in this moment now, I would like you to think of a color a soft color that is pleasing to you maybe its color that reminds you of a special place or a time when you were very happy.  Now imagine that color as a swirling ball of ribbon above your head.sleep meditation techniquesThe tendrils are flowing everywhere. Imagine them getting bigger and bigger and the ball is absorbing you. The colored ribbons are flowing all around you wrapping you and comfort. you feel as though you’re floating too your whole body is bathed in these colorful ribbons stroking you gently , you feel them passing over your skin with each touch you become more deeply relaxed . If thoughts or noises start to creep in simply acknowledge them and allow them to float away.  you are at ease, you are peaceful and you feel completely relaxed your ball of colorful ribbons is surrounding you and protecting you from all worry all tension and all negative thoughts as you inhale and exhale your body sinks even deeper into the surface that you’re lying on your muscles are completely relaxed there’s no tension anywhere in your body and if a bit of tension creeps up just breathe in and allow it to release on your exhale.  Sleep is growing. You’re ready to move into your deepest state of relaxation the deepest form of meditation. You will sleep soundly your dreams will be pleasant and you will wake up refreshed after a long rest.  The ball of swirling ribbons is still completely surrounding you, protecting you, comforting you but it’s moving more slowly.  It’s starting to settle it’s becoming a blanket of protection it feels heavy and warm on your body. All of your muscles are relaxed. Continue to follow your breaths and imagine yourself covered completely in this beautiful blanket of colorful ribbons.

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