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Tai Chi and Qi Gong as Healing Techniques

Tai Chi is one of the art where the person starts to cherish and bosom there happy mind and health in accordance with the sound body. Tai chi is one of the zealous practices which is quite delightful. While Qi Gong and Tai Chi are in their native land referred to in terms of Chi and equivalent of G. It triggers the negative energies and the skeletal system according to the ancients who developed Qigong .The Tai Chi penetrates to the marrow of the bones to be stored as a resource for healing and empowerment the bones. It supports the whole body in navigating gravity and the marrow which is the birthplace of the stem cells that differentiate into red and white blood cell.  According to Qigong philosophy the bones are also a key component of the Chi matrix , according to that given bones are distributed in all parts of the body,  their contribution to the overall function of Chi is pervasive throughout the body.  The muscular system may feel procreative, relaxing or tingling throughout the tissues of your arms, legs and torso.Tai Chi

It quiets the mind rather than deep thinking about what you should be feeling. Notice what you are feeling, the muscles like all collections of cells are operational due to the presence of fuel for function.  Functional capacity in the muscles is not just activated by intense effort but the function is also enhanced in the state of alerts. Rest in Qi Gong and Tai Chi the muscles are everywhere, functional support is everywhere thus the Chi is everywhere in the circulatory system.  Chinese medicine suggests the Chi and the blood function together like a brother and sister both deliver functional and healing resources to all the parts of the body. When it is said feel the Chi in part what you may be feeling is the activity of the blood in a state of relaxed practice. The blood system expands allowing for more oxygen and nutrition to support function in every cell. It is possible to feel this it is subtle because the blood in the vessels and capillaries is functioning everywhere. Awareness of the blood is inherently awareness of Chi the lymphatic system and the body fluids, in Chinese medicine all fluids other than blood are referenced as the fluids lymph, cerebrospinal fluid synovial fluid in the joints even tears the lymphatic system which is the foundation of the elimination of internal wastes as well as the delivery system for the immune cells.tai chi meaning

Qi Gong and Tai Chi enhances the propulsion and function of all of the fluids. Be attentive to your practice you may be able to feel subtle fluid based sensations internally that are what the Chinese chose to call the Chi the nervous system. The nervous system delivers impulses signals that support and also can restrain or encumber physiological function. Neurons are everywhere throughout the body delivering messages and information that direct function as well as supporting the creation of feelings and moods.  Neurological impulses cooperate with cells, organs glands and overall chemistry to fulfill mind and body functions.  Neurological impulses transport and transmit to all of the regions of the body and are very similar to Chi. When you feel the effect of soothing harmonizing and balancing the activity of the nervous system you are feeling with the ancients called Chi the organs including the brain and spine in all cultural systems.  From the ancient shamanic to the present the organs are a major focus of what we believe to be our functional capacity and in all systems. The organs are responsible for the processes that sustain life. They are key locations for chemical interactivity and in Chinese medicine they are the focal areas for the interactivity of the Qi in the most recent version of what is called the Qi channel system.Tai Chi

There is an energy channel for each of the organs, each of the glands and the brain and spine sensations of function in all of these are equivalent to Qi sensation systems. We have discussed bones, blood fluids nerves all use produce and engage in interactions that are chemical in nature.  Interestingly one of the more contemporary definitions of Qi is the interactions of the chemicals in any system ,nutrients , enzymes ,hormones ,neurotransmitters and even more subtle Co factors including components of the genetic material  that are all constantly interacting and functioning . Qi Gong and Tai Chi both as you practice over the time , breath movement ,mind focus and self applied massage all collaborate to enhance the efficiency of inner chemical activities when you feel is it chemistry or is it the Chi the relaxation response when we practice Qi Gong and Tai Chi . The integration of breath, body, mind and massage all contribute to the activation of the parasympathetic nervous systems healing Neuro hormones and the inhibition of the sympathetic systems action hormones in the stress response.  Inner function including oxidation and inflammation decrease well-being and can cause disease. The relaxation response fostered by Qi Gong and Tai Chi enhances the capacity, functional, renewal and restoration healing at levels. As obvious as feeling relaxed and well and at much deeper levels in the shift of the neurotransmitter profile and even in the telomeres of the DNA.It is quite amazing that all of this these mind, body and energetic practices developed so many millennia have influences on all the systems of the physical body.  The totality of all physical function is very likely a direct equivalent of what the Chinese call Chi the function in these systems is pervasive , everywhere throughout the body just as the Chi is everywhere throughout the body . It is the most interesting part while physical function is internal energy.  Chi is not in a way we appear to be separate physical units person-to-person however the Chi is internal and external.  Maybe you have felt your own energy field Chi field. It is possible that we are energetically connected with everyone and all things as a part of the totality some of Chi energy in the whole world.

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