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Tai Chi Exercises | Tai Chi For Everyone?

Tai Chi directly comes from the china as the name suggests. Now days most practices are done for health and relaxation. It strengthens the mind and the body. Tai chi can help in achieving the homogenization of the mind and body. Tai chi is suitable for almost anyone and can be practiced anywhere. The flowing movement contains must inner strength like the water flowing in the river beneath the tranquil surface there is current with immense power which is the power of healing and wellness. Tai Chi Exercises

 If you’re getting a habit of doing this on a daily basis it can give and unleash its amazing outcomes by improve your balance and the posture alignment.   It improves health, fitness and brings the sign of relaxation to the body.  Tai chi can help in improving the quality of life. According to a survey it has impacted millions of people all around the world.  Before starting the program please set aside a regular time. Half an hour or 20 minutes can also do wonders and well considered. Regular practice for 1-2 weeks is essential for this because that creates the flexibility of improving the chances of familiarity with the movements so that it can be stuck in to your memory.  It’s better to learn fewer movements rather than rushing.  Once you are able to take into your memory you can practice Tai chi anywhere in the airplane or by the time you are waiting for someone. When you will remember the forms then you can internalize the best way to improve Tai chi and gain greater enjoyment and more health benefits.Tai Chi ExercisesThe tai chi for beginners comprises of six easy steps. Tai chi for beginners can be easy to learn to build solid foundation and to improve health and wellness. Tai chi can be performed in various styles and postures.  Yang style is the most popular and characterized by the glow gentle and expensive movements. The oldest style is Chang which is characterized by the fatness intermixes with slowness, softness which complements the heartless sun styles.  All styles of tai chi shares the same essential principles Tai chi has some amazing facts which make its unique and powerful for health. Once it makes you joyous and happy then it accomplishes the most important purpose of practicing it.  Tai chi improves the physical health, muscular strength by relaxing the mind and soul. It provides the mental balance which manages the stress. Tai Chi brings harmony and tranquility by providing us with the inner peace and serenity.  Tai chi is very nice social exercise as it increases the competitiveness and makes it enjoyable exercise which can be practiced any time. ReikiBenefits

Every lesson with this greeting which is the universal greeting in the Tai Chi world and it’s a way to show our mutual respect.  The right hand in a fist means strength, the left hang with the fingers cross means friendship and the thumb paint means humility and hangs together fit together, it’s a greeting for mutual respect. We’re going to do the first chi gong exercise and the first foundational movement.  Let us start with warm-up exercises.  The warm-up exercises are designed to prepare you for Tai Chi so your body gets warm up and  your joints gets gentle stretch this is called 1 2 3 warm up and cool down exercises .

  1. is walking around loosen up your joints and warm up your whole body number
  2. is two stretches in each part of your body starting from the neck to neck stretches,  then the shoulder thing , the spine hips knees and ankles
  3. is three cooling tongue exercises

Tai chi movements can be categorized as forward and backwards, attack and defense, inhale and exhale, left and right, internal and external. It can be done spiritual sense also to balance mind.  Tai chi helps in overall blood circulation, decreasing down your stress, calming yourself down. It helps in rising up serotonin level which is important for mood, digestive functions, sexuality, mental activity and sleep. Mixing it with meditation can help in elevating the vital energy.

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