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What is Chakra?

what is chakra

Chakra which is derived from a Sanskrit word which means the disk or wheel. Meditation not only heels your body but your soul from its bucketful of benefits. Chakra can be designated in the field of Meditation, ayurveda, Yoga, Stretching Yoga or Power Yoga termed as the arch of the energies all over the human body.  Originated from Oldest of the Upanishads, chakras have marked its presence in every religious Vedas and kathas.  Chakras points towards those base energy points in a human body which all together workings in managing all the processes.  In a human body there are in total seven chakras where during your meditation everything has to be started from the baseline. Chakra balancing has indeed been the most important aspect of attaining the feeling of serenity and composedness. Chakras in our body not only connected physically but mentally and spiritually also. Chakras control all the processions within a human body connecting to the emotions and the immune systems. Chakras are so balanced so as to acquire all the energy centers to function to attain the optimum outcomes.  Every living creature is inherited with energy where the competency of these sources of energies to work and function perfectly on the go keeps a living creature to be balanced in every aspect. As the name suggests Chakras shows spinning of energy where each chakra has some name to it with the location it is situated and the functioning to it. Meditation approaches in aligning of the chakras which are in the different parts of our body. Chakras are the wheel like energy babes that re unrecognizable physically but connect to the elusive body and the empirical knowledge. The seven chakras are so located in the body that they align the spine from the bottom end to the head at the top.  As resemblant to the seven stages of consciousness, these seven chakras codify the energies coming from the outside world and transform the auras into variant sensations. As similar to the reflection phenomena where a prism breaks a light and scatters into seven colors of rainbow and the refraction of the light occurs, seven chakras located in our body endure the energy and split into notions. The seven chakras modulate the dearth stratum into devious energies. Spiritual healing also concentrates on the chakras. In this the redundant energies are reflected and confined leading to the self healing.

The energies moves from the chakras where the seventh chakras situated downwards are responsible for alchemizing the energy spiritually.  Chakra can be defined as the median to transform the energies between two consecutive amplitudes.


First Chakra: The Root Chakra Muladhara

root chakra

The first chakra also called as base chakra or root chakra situated at the epicenter of a small bone that articulates with the sacrum and that usually consist of four fused vertebrae which form the terminus of the spinal column. It is one of the significant chakra which unfolds in the downward direction. Meditation when performed the energy grounded gives the touch of being associated with the planet. This root chakra oversees the balancing to be mandatory and crucial providing quick and ready insights. This chakra forms the beginning start point base so that it should be well stabled with the seventh chakra. These chakra balancing created well being into humans by balancing there health status, creativeness and advertence related to sexual differentiation. 

The root chakra incorporates horizontally to carry on stability. It primarily helps in administering fertility, proper food digestion dynamism, and sexual weal, muscles and bones. Root chakra is also responsible to well function in accordance to entice the material boatload. Over impulsive and disheartened people should practice balancing root chakra. It regulates the connection with the outside environ and endows grub, harborage and stability. Red color relates to this chakra.


Second Chakra:  The Sacral Chakra Swadhisthana

sacral chakra

The second chakra also called Sacral Chakra, know for Sexual intimacy, Creativity and to jazz up sexual organs. This chakra is just located below the navel above the genitals.  It controls urinary track, complete lower part of the body. Associated with Orange color and water as an element, the practitioner of second chakra can undergo and endure sensuality. This chakra aims to emphasize on emotions, stimuli to abide and decline. This chakra urges to delve into new creativities and acclimatization to transformations.

This chakra can help in getting rid of the emotion of loneliness and atheism.


Third Chakra:  The Solar Plexus Chakra Manipura

solar plexus chakra

The third chakra called by the name of Manipura whose meaning associates with the City of Jewels located in between the navel and the rib cage in the hollow area.  It is linked with the yellow color and fire as an element. This chakra represents the creativity and controls our liver, pancreas, intestines and internal organs.  It is reliable for perceiving of the food. It is regarded as the root for personal means and self worth into desires. Digestion can be regulated with this chakra.  Practitioners obstruct the feelings of fear, anger, deficiency and uneasiness with substantial third chakra meditation.


Fourth Chakra: The Heart Chakra Anahata

heart chakra

The fourth Chakra known as Anahata said as “discomposure” or “unstuck” has the green color associated with it and has admittance to the mortal in between the higher and lower chakras. It is located in between the cardiac system and is responsible for immunity, circulation of blood into heart, heart pumping and respiration track. These chakras can be practiced to take control over the breathing speeds.  People suffering from inhumanness, asthma, disconnection may feel this chakra quite helpful for them.  It delivers an apatite of love, compassion and association. This chakra meditation can help in vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts of another of either the past or present in objectively explicit manner. Through heart chakra we connect to the emotional consent.  It helps in cultivating one’s emotional life with the sense of pain, fear, joy and anger.  Open heart chakra and Heart chakra can be experienced in different ways where the open heart chakra is where the person can experience full communicated thoughts in a definite manner whereas Heart Chakra expression hardly makes any differences in this. Emotions carried out are clear cut and pure. Heart Chakra is supposed to be balanced well as like the other chakras.


Fifth Chakra:  The Throat Chakra Vishuddha

throat chakra

The fifth chakra defined as the throat chakra is located in the centre of the throat as is associated with color blue and element ether. This chakra controls the neck, tongue, mouth, vocal chords, voice box, Adam’s apple and the corresponding areas to the throat.  It recites to the bodiless and the sounds.  This chakra deals with the intellect of the human, when he balances this chakra attains a sense of detecting physical, mental, social and physical ethereal. This chakra provides sense of understanding with purity and love.  It aims on the communication to express our skills confidently.  This chakra helps in simulating expressions vocally with facial gestures and signs. This chakra delivers feeling of joy and calmness.  Person with balanced throat chars will relatively be happier with alluring glow faces bye transcending the fear and feeling of hopelessness. The fifth chakras have directly been li ked to the seventh so the balanced chakra can pair up with the seventh chakra.  It opens up the path towards more clarity decreasing misery and errors.


Sixth Chakra: The Third Eye Chakra Jana

third eye chakra

Sixth chakra also called as the third eye chakra which is situated in between the eyebrows. The area between the eyebrows has Face Chakra. The color associated is Indigo with its element as light. This chakra is also known as an eye of prudence.  It helps in controlling the body in terms of personality, vision, aspirations by governing the brain and nervous system.  This chakra helps in controlling perception, wisdom and intuitions. It charters us to heed the concatenation of the world and beyond spiritually. The sixth chakra pellucid logical attitude with the blocked chakras to felicitate diminished negative worth. It controls over the feelings of jealousy, hallucinations, usages of drugs and alcohol.


Seventh Chakra: The Crown Chakra Sahasrara

crown chakra

Seventh chakra of the human body knows as the crown chakra located at the top point of the human body controls the brain and the eyes has purple or white color associated with this have complete look over the nervous system . This chakra connects to the spiritual contend with divine conflate with spiritual consciousness. This chakra is regarded as the elated chakra in terms of frequencies which forms and epicenter for the divine connections. The personal energy merging with the soul of the human is what this chakra aims on doing. The contagious feeling of oneness, integrity, equality, acceptance, love, peace, connectedness, understandings, and compassion is what this chakras deals in.  Once this chakra is balanced by the human he attains serenity, pure love for soul, pessimism and spiritual growth. Anger management can also be well taken care according to the situations.

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