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What is Spiritual Healing

There have been enormous doubts which curb every body’s mind that what actually Spiritual Healing is or what is spiritual rational thought?  It’s what psychologists call the non rational and yet there’s over 500 scientific studies that show that consciousness affects biological and electrical systems.  Spiritual healing is allowing energy to flow through you as a conduit, a funnel if you will to the person that you happen to be working on. That’s not limited to how far that person is from you scientific studies. It shows that one can send power to another regardless of the distance to make instant measurable changes in that person’s energy field and physiology. Spiritual healing means allowing you to be a conduit for what we call divine energies. Like some use the word god to let that energy flow through you as a conduit to the other person. Now we know that this works but how does the average person embrace.

What is Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is the center of what spiritual and healing entails is you have to allow yourself to be in a state of faith. Faith does trust with your heart what your mind cannot yet not yet and this is how true spiritual growth happens. It’s not necessarily a religious belief system as an intimate personal inner journey of allowing yourself to realize that word realizes you who you are as a true spiritual, being who’s also having a physical existence.  So as you start to apply and use spiritual healing flowing through you. The old-time spiritualists say a little oil sticks to your funnel and what that means is that your own spiritual power , your self-realization , self-awareness , self empowerment starts to awaken within you. Awakening is not limited to time or space so the wisdom contained within you in what we call the Chakra Centers is awakened and over time that awakening continues more and more and more and this is what the Masters talk about when they say self-realization is you come to be aware of these non-physical non-temporal realities that are just as real. If not more real than what we see physically around us so like anything else .Spiritual healing takes time it’s a lot like going to the gym over time you develop musclesWhat is Spiritual HealingAs you apply spiritual healing to your life you become strong so it is to your advantage to engage in some spiritual practice that you awaken you but if you wish to work with others in doing healing work. You can learn how to do spiritual healing yourself so invite you to take a deeper look into what spiritual healing might be for you and if you feel your inner guidance has led you to this point perhaps, it can walk you a little further into an exploration of spiritual healing for yourself.

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