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What is Walking Meditation ?

walking Meditation

Walking meditation is a powerful tool especially for people who don’t meditate regularly. Meditation is not such a practice which is quite complicated but is an easy going exercise. Meditation is something extremely simple. Walking Meditation is basically taking a walk not with the intention of getting to a certain destination, not with the intention of getting someplace by a certain particular time but being in the moment of the walk itself.  So in other words as you move around and take each step consciously you are having a feeling that is coming from your foot and shows how it’s resonating up to your entire body and that’s ultimately what meditation is. Meditation is really about clearing your mind from outside sources, outside things, distractions and being clear to the moment of various problems you face day to day in your life.


Walking meditation doesn’t have to be long, but going outside going to a park not taking your phone out not even thinking about time so to speak even, then you can do it just for a brief moment and just walk take a step, feel your heels on the ground, feel what that feels like get into the feeling of it that you know like through your shoes, you can feel the sand beneath your feet. You will be experiencing what that feels like as it shoots up your leg up, your back up, your shoulder, your neck into your brain. Walking Meditation triggers the action mixed with normal meditational practices. Walking Meditation points out the focus and cynosure while walking adding up the awareness alongside as your walk. Walking Meditation can be practiced in various forms but once mastered can be done easily in all contexts. Although Walking Meditation differs from other meditation practice as you might need complete concentration with eyes open during this. Once your body is in walking position you tend to be more observant of the surroundings, but the vibrations during still meditation are more subtle as once when you are practicing walking one.


Walking meditation is one of the zealous experiences for the one who practice it daily. It doesn’t implies that you need park of any running area to perform of practice this form of meditation but once stuck in traffic or gone for grocery shopping can also be dealt with Walking Meditation . what meditation is what you want to experience when you’re sitting , when you’re doing a sitting meditation which is what  is commonly known as meditation but walking is a lot easier because there is some movement , that’s why it’s a powerful tool to do.  As you’re building up to the idea of getting into walking meditation will help you to understand a feeling what traditional sitting meditation feels like. According to Research a lot of people they start tradition with sitting meditation and they think their mind is supposed to be clear but meditation on all forms is about awareness you’re going to have some thoughts, you’re going to have some things pop in your mind, you’re going to have some distractions but you want to just be aware of those thoughts and distractions have them and let them pass don’t attach yourself to those things. When it comes to

Walking meditation it is the same thing, you’re walking, you’re stepping with one foot, you’re feeling that then, you’re moving on to the sensation. Walking meditation is a great tool especially for the people who want to start out meditation and really get into clearing your mind and honestly practicing being peaceful and being in the moment then that’s the beauty of meditation


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